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Stephen Gaghan adapting Dead Spy Running

Stephen Gaghan has signed up to adapt John Stock’s espionage thriller Dead Spy Running, which McG is considering as a follow-up directing job once he’s done with John Connor and co.

In true Hollywood fashion, Warners nabbed the rights to Stock’s book before it’s even graced the shelves (that will happen in July).

Gaghan will be tasked with writing the first in a planned trilogy, which apparently blends Bourne-style grit with Le Carre-level humour.

It certainly seems to kick off with it, since the story opens on our central spy hero competiing in the London Marathon to find a runner who has explosives strapped to his chest.

No idea if he's in a chicken suit, though.

Gaghan, who wrote and directed Syriana, is busy adapting the nonfiction book Blink as his likely next helming stint for Universal.

[Source: THR ]

Will another espionage thriller make you happy? Or are you sick of spies?