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Steam Big Picture Mode releases with sale

Steam's Big Picture mode is out of beta and releasing on time for couch-deforming holiday game sprees. The TV-friendly interface brings with it a new controller-friendly web-browser and a sale to get users started on Steam's games best suited for living room play.

Steamers (we promise to never call Steam users that again) can get 50 to 75 percent off on 37 titles with "Full Controller Support," meaning the games can be experienced from installation to credits without laying a hand on a mouse or keyboard. Couch surfers can even poke around for walkthroughs or animated gifs of cats between rounds with a reticle-based "first-person web browser," and share said cats with friends using the service's unique Daisywheel typing mechanism.

Of course, Big Picture mode is also entirely operable with mouse and keyboard, and can be used at typical computer setups if you'd just like to lean back a bit. Note that it does require Windows Vista or Mac OSX 10.7 or higher to function.

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