Live long and prosper with the best Star Trek merchandise around

U.S.S. Enterprise Bottle Opener 

Crack open a cold one with the crew, Starfleet style, with this uniquely themed bottle opener that’s as hip as it is handy. Frankly, it’s quite astonishing how the shape of a Starfleet ship is molded so perfectly for the task of popping bottles. Perhaps the original architect came up with the design during a trip to his local space bar.  

Buy it UK: £15.99 on Amazon
Buy it US: $15.78 on Amazon

U.S.S. Voyager Model Kit

Star Trek Lego still doesn’t exist for some reason (get on it, guys), but these intricate model kits are the next best thing, and perhaps even more ideal for those who really like to get stuck in with the arts and craft. Revell’s buildable replica of the U.S.S. Voyager is a thing of beauty, but the real joy is getting to watch it come to life as you put each intricate part into place. 

Buy it UK: £20.44 on Amazon
Buy it US: $48.33 on Ebay 

Bluetooth Communicator 

It’s a pricey purchase, to be sure, but entirely worth it for the immersion of role-playing as a crew member of the Enterprise. That’s because this gadget actually works as seen in the show, i.e. as a remote communication device, using Bluetooth to operate as a retro extension for your mobile phone. Like I said, totally worth it. 

Buy it UK: £199.95 on Amazon
Buy it US: $120.00 on Amazon 

Command Badge Lapel 

Always wanted to roleplay as a real member of Starfleet? Stick this authentically realized pin onto your top, and everyone will be calling you “Captain” before you know it. It’s based on the badge from the USS Discovery, though, so I hope you don’t mind being associated with Lorca…

Buy it UK: £10.64 on Amazon
Buy it US: $8.90 on Amazon 

Star Trek: Bridge Crew 

Speaking of authentic immersion, the latest Star Trek video game boldly takes you where no man has gone before in more ways than one. You’ll need a PlayStation 4 with a VR headset to enjoy this virtual reality trip to the stars, but it can allow you and up to three other friends play out all your Starfleet fantasies in an incredibly realized simulation of the Enterprise. Just try not to bump into anything like we did

Buy it UK: £29.49 on Amazon
Buy it US: $21.56 on Amazon 

Spock Dog Costume 

Do I really need to explain this one? It’s a Spock costume. For your dog. You put it on your dog, and they look like Spock. No, they won’t suddenly become half-Vulcan, half-dog, and I doubt they’ll be able to pull of the “Live Long and Prosper” hand gesture (what with their lack of opposable thumbs), but I can guarantee that they’ll look absolutely adorable as a miniature Leonard Nimoy. 

Buy it UK: £19.77 on Amazon
Buy it US: $21.99 on Amazon 

Star Trek Funko Pops 

Star Trek has always dealt with big picture subject matter (science, politics, religion etc.), but what happens when you boil all that lore and subtext down into the polycarbonate fun-sized figure of a novelty bobble-head? Not a great deal, to be honest, but at least your mantelpiece can begin to look a lot more like the final frontier, albeit in miniature form.  

Buy it UK: £9.99 on Pop In The Box
Buy it US: $13.95 on Pop In The Box

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