Squeak's Dreams Cheats

Squeak's Dreams Cheats

  • iPhone | Submitted by SqueakTheMouse

    Level select

    Title screen

    Tap the title screen to start the game. When the 'Garden' titlecard comes up, QUICKLY tap the head of the dandelion clock in the top-left of the screen. A level select screen should appear.

Squeak's Dreams Easter Eggs

  • iPhone | Submitted by OlliePushkin

    Developer's Twitter picture

    House 1

    In the first House level, there's a picture of a cat toy in the shape of a mouse. This is the Twitter profile pic of the game's developer, @catgonecrazy

  • iPhone | Submitted by WannabePirate82

    Pirate Queen on the radio

    The kitchen

    In the kitchen level in The House, there's a song playing on the radio. This is an excerpt from 'Pirate Queen' by CatGoneCrazy.

  • iPhone | Submitted by SnailPoker524

    Poke the snail

    Final river level

    There's a snail in the final River level. If Squeak approaches it, it retracts its antennae. However, wait until it's moving again and tap it with your finger. Keep tapping and eventually you'll get a surprise...