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Sniper Elite V2 bottle guide

Mission 3: Mittelwerk Facility

4: When you first enter the mission, there will be a watch tower with a guard and the bottle beside him on the edge, straight ahead.

5: After the watch tower, go down the ramp to the building on the left. Enter it and you can find the bottle in the room to the right.

6: When you’re in the tunnels of the V2 factory and placing charges, look for the large “38” on the wall. When you find it, look down the tunnel past the crane for the bottle on the side of the cart.

7: After you pass the train get to Shwaigers office, go up the stairs on the left and you’ll see the bottle on the corner of the scaffolding on the opposite side.

8: In the same room as the previous bottle, you can find this one in the office at the far end. You can either snipe it through the window, or shoot it when you enter the office.

Mission 4: Kaiser-Friedrich Museum

9: As soon as you start the mission, walk forward and look directly across to the statue on the left. It will be on the side of it.

10: From the same position as the last bottle, look to the right side where the wooden planks are. The bottle will be above there.

11: When you enter the building from the back alley and go up the stairs you’ll see the back of a truck, go up more and enter the room on the left. Shoot through the window to the bottle on the ground at the gazebo.

12: When you destroy the bridge with the tanks, you’ll need to exit out of the museum via a wooden scaffold. Before hopping down, look directly across at the far wall and there will be a pillar there that has the bottle on top of it.