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Snap up a top 49-inch Samsung gaming TV for its lowest ever price

Snap up a top 49-inch Samsung gaming TV for its lowest ever price
(Image credit: Samsung)

There's always time to consider a new TV. Particularly if its one of the best gaming TVs going. And this deal helpfully and importantly demonstrates that you don't have to throw money at the situation, or be blessed with a large savings account, to get the best: Amazon is selling the excellent Samsung UN49RU8000FXZA 49-inch TV for just $597.99. This is a cracking deal particularly highlighted by the fact that this TV was around $700 not so long ago. It also comes at a great time what with the Friends 25th anniversary occurring recently - it's a perfect time to upgrade your TV in order to binge on the Blu-ray box set, which is massively reduced too.

But in terms of this TV itself, it is number three on our best gaming TVs guide for good reason. Its affordability being one of the top factors. But technically, it is a standout panel too; it's essentially the best TV for gaming for those who can't stretch to QLED or OLED models (which demand higher price tags). It's also this year's model so the tech and refinements within it are the latest on offer, like having FreeSync built in to smooth out those fast shooter games, and Samsung's own Game Enhancer mode, which does a solid enough job of boosting game performance for a TV. Overall, it's a quality TV for gaming and watching, and it's from a trusted manufacturer so you know what you're getting. At this price, what you're getting is good value.

Samsung UN49RU8000 4K TV | 49-inch | $597.99 at Amazon
A lovely TV that is perfect for gaming and films and TV. At this price, it offers incredible value, getting you one of the best TVs for all your needs without blowing the bank by going for QLED or OLED models.View Deal

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