Smokin Aces prequel on

Narc writer/director Joe Carnahan has just got the greenlight for a sequel to his adrenalized bullet-blaster Smokin’ Aces.

It’s been about a year since Carnahan finished the script and he’s spent the wait co-writing this month’s cop thriller Pride And Glory starring Edward Norton and Colin Farrell.

“Universal has officially greenlit the prequel and we are underway,” confirms Carnahan on his blog. “Cameos will abound. Trust me.”

Expect more ker-razy violence to match the 2006 original. Hope for Ben Affleck and that ‘tache.

James Ellroy adap White Jazz, assassination actioner Killing Pablo and crime remake Bunny Lake Is Missing are all on Carnahan’s slate for the future.

Source: [Smoking Joe Carnahan ]