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Stars of SKATE

Hawk’s roster is strong, but old - while EA’s pros are cutting edge

Danny Way

Tony Hawk has invented more tricks, but 32-year-old Danny Way is the king oflaunch - holding the world record for biggest air and biggest drop - and, famously, has leapt the Great Wall of China.

Chris Haslam

Check out his clip from the Almost Round 3 video (type “Chris Haslam” into YouTube) - regarded by many as one of the greatest skate video parts of all time. He can do everything - burly, flippy, casual and technical - except shave off his excellent Jesus beard. We love this guy.

Rob Dyrdek

Turned pro at the age of 16, and also takes part in amateur rally racing. His biggest claim to non-skate fame, however, is probably his starring role in Rob and Big, an MTV reality show featuring his bouncer, Big Black. Counts Red Bull and DC Shoes among his many sponsors, too.