SKATE - Welcome to Skate City

How to make your own video

SKATE’s biggest innovation has been touted as a key feature of PS3 for some time, and would be ideal for loads of other games, too. You can record in-game footage of your best tricks and toughest lines, upload it to a website, edit it and then share it with the rest of the world. OK, so you shouldn’t be expecting a sponsorship, but you’ll be able to reap serious kudos for your efforts. Crap at skating? You could edit together a sequence of slams for comedy effect. EA hasn’t revealed exactly how this’ll work yet, but the process should be similar to that shown below…

How to ollie

Flick the analog sticks down, then up, to jump (ollie) - mimicking the real-life motion. Your speed of movement even affects the height and fluidity of your jump. The left stick controls your body, allowing you to power steer, or rotate in mid-air. You can tweak tricks like this, too, leaning back to go from a 50-50 to a 5-0, for example.