Six new John Carter images land online

A swarm of new John Carter images (well, six to be precise) have landed online at SFX , just a couple of days after the film's White Ape was unveiled.

There's quite an impressive diversity to the images, revealing as they do an odd new alien (we've nicknamed him 'Bumface' - mature), a whopping great spacecraft, and the Martian landscape.

And, yes, there's plenty of Taylor Kitsch's rippling bod too.

Check out the images below:

The film stars Kitsch as Carter, a Confederate soldier who's whisked up to Mars, where he takes advantage of the planet's weaker gravity to become a superhero of sorts.

The impressive cast also includes Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe, Samantha Morton, Mark Strong and Dominic West.

John Carter opens on 9 March 2012.