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Singles Day 11.11 sales 光棍节: Alibaba, Best Buy, and more have new deals

singles day sales 11.11
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The Singles Day 11.11 sales are here, also known as 光棍节 in China where the world's biggest sales event originally came from a few years ago. That's right folks, globally, retailers actually make more from Singles Day deals than the Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals combined.

Alibaba (opens in new tab) and AliExpress (opens in new tab) are the biggest Chinese merchants with online stores around the world and will be key places to check out. But we're also seeing the big western brands make a better effort this year, with Best Buy launching a 'Treat Yourself sale' (opens in new tab).

And treating yourself is basically the point of Singles Day. The sales event was popularized by Alibaba to tie in with Singles Day, a day created in the 90s by single students to be held for single folks to go and party together (it being on November 11 was to tie-in with the 11.11 date with all the single 1s).

Much like Valentine's Day, savvy retailers soon cottoned on and used it to encourage shoppers to treat themselves to something a little special. And as bargain fans who love to splurge on the latest tech and gadgets, we're very much on board. Well, after we've tracked down a PS5 deal or Xbox Series X bundle. There might be some hot offers for gamers today, but if not, be sure to keep an eye on our Black Friday gaming deals page.

Let's see what's happening though right now. And happy Singles Day, folks!

The best Singles Day 11.11 sales 光棍节

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AliExpress 'Hot Brands, hotter deals'
(opens in new tab)This popular Singles Day retailer sells a wide range of discounted electronics. We've seen super low prices today on Xiaomi mobile phones, laptops, smartwatches, headphones, massage guns, makeup bags, home tools, and more.

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Alibaba - the biggest Singles Day retailer (opens in new tab)
Despite being the name synonymous with Singles Day sale, Alibaba's US page seems to be a little light on enthusiasm for the sale, especially compared to Ali Express above. Best Buy has some much more attractive offers below though.

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Best Buy Treat Yourself Sale (opens in new tab)
Now we're talking. Best Buy is well and truly into the Black Friday spirit already, which lines up beautifully if you're looking to buy something for yourself or get some early Christmas shopping done. If you want big discounts on some of the most recognizable brands in tech, this is the place to shop for TVs, laptops, phones, appliances smart tech, gaming, cameras, and more.

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Amazon Holiday Dash event (opens in new tab)
Amazon is getting into the early Black Friday spirit too with an ongoing Holiday Dash sale. The deals change every day on toys, gaming, computing, beauty, fashion, Amazon devices, and more. Check out the full selection via the link.

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Walmart Deals for Days event (opens in new tab)
Walmart was already running lots of hot offers, but it's actually starting another sale from 7pm ET tonight that essentially marks the start of its Black Friday campaign, so well worth coming back as an ad-scan preview (opens in new tab) shows massive price cuts on laptops, TVs, robot vacuums, projectors, and more. If you're a regular shopper at Walmart, it might be worth picking up a Walmart Plus membership free trial (opens in new tab) too.

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Newegg Black Friday Sale is live (opens in new tab)
Newegg is another store going early with it's Black Friday deal and is one of the best places online to shop for computing deals like PC part upgrades, new monitors, and accessories. If you just need a new gaming PC or gaming laptop this place is well worth a look too.

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Casper Mattresses sale (opens in new tab)
This is perhaps one of the best treat yourself purchases you could make as a good night's sleep can't be praised highly enough and Casper are masters of their craft. There's 15% off mattresses, 30% off bundles and 10% off memory foam pillows, and more. There are also some decent offers at Emma Mattress (opens in new tab), Nectar Sleep (opens in new tab), and Dream Cloud (opens in new tab).

Online fashion brands are a popular pick in the Singles Day 11.11 sales. Here are some of the top ones we've found so far.

  • Ralph Lauren (opens in new tab) - save up to 40% today
  • Levis (opens in new tab) - use code HAPPYDAY to save 30% on a $100+ order
  • Nordstrom (opens in new tab) - lots of gifts under $100 in the sale
  • Verishop (opens in new tab) - use code YAYDAY for 25% off fashion
  • Naadam cashmere (opens in new tab) - coupon code FORYOU30 gets 30% off!
  • Club Monaco (opens in new tab) - 30% off is a theme today it would seem, use code NEWSALE to get it

We're rounding up even more deals with a range of seasonal shopping guides:

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