Sideways is sexy


Daijiro Yoshihara is arguably one of the most impressive drivers in Formula D racing today. He has been known to drive the crowds wild with his aggressive maneuvers and reckless abandon when sliding into sharp turns at high speeds. We'll conclude this weeks drifting lesson with the Feint-Drift. This is the most complicated drift we've attempted so far. Let's hear what Yoshihara has to say.

"This is it! Get this one right and you're on your way to becoming a professional! I know you got what it takes! The Feint is a technique drifter borrowed from rally racing. Approach your turn just like you normally would. Only, instead of turning towards the corner, you quickly turn away then back towards the turn. By doing this you'll load one side of the car and it'll snap back in the desired direction. Counter steer as you feel the backend come out from under you."

Click hereand look for "Feint Drift" to see it in action.