Sideways is sexy


Power-Over is relatively simple, but the Clutch-Kick is where things start getting seriously hairy. Executing a Clutch-Kick is tremendously jarring for both the driver and their vehicle, typically knocking the driver's head viciously into the roll-cage of the car. Sound like fun? Sweet... you are ready to learn at the feet of the great Daijiro Yoshihara:

"This is my favorite technique to kick-start the drift. The Clutch-Kick can be done while you're grip driving, to initiate the drift or during a slide to keep it going some more. During a turn, quickly get on and off the clutch to engage and disengage the clutch, bringing up the revs on the engine. The extra power will help the rear tires break loose. The car will rotate and you'll Clutch-Kick drift. Be sure to stand on the gas while you're engaging the clutch. Otherwise, it won't work."

The Fast and the Furious producer Mitch Boyer had this to add:

"When the clutch is kicked, the revs surge up which sounds great. In F&F the clutch kick is on one button for ease of use and to ensure that the player doesn't accidentally just hold the clutch in as if it was a "clutch button". When the clutch is dumped, all that power slams through the drivetrain to the wheels. Do this as you are turning into a corner and the car "pops" out to an angle and starts drifting (BANG head into roll cage here). It's all control from there. You have to be ready to countersteer at the instant the car pops out or you can lose it. Like Power-Over this is "ON-Throttle" Rotation but by dumping the power suddenly, the rotation is very aggressive. If you are running the CYBER MODE on the PIONEER AVG-VDP1 watch the lateral G's spike when you do this! We're routinely pulling 1.5 G's or more in a moderately tuned Hachi (Toyota Trueno AE86)."

Click hereand then find the video titled "Clutch Kick" to see this lesson in action.