Shit characters who almost ruined their great games

The great game he almost ruined: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

At one time our Arabian ass-kicker was the Hugh Grant of games. OK, so he was loads more homicidal and not quite as foppish, but he was a charming bungler all the same. That all changed after Sands of Time, though. Ubisoft, decided a nice character obviously wasn’t going to shift copies, so they replaced the Prince’s soul with an all encompassing blackpit of darkness, smothered in a chewy layer of gritty edge. Vulgar, with an embarrassing in-your-face ‘tude, he represents every committee-approved, cynical character that’s ever stunk up a game. Mind you,Warrior Withinwas actually arguably better than its predecessor. Oh, and he’s still way better than Jake Gyllenhaal.