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Shattered Union review

Can you do a better job than Donald Rumsfeld?

North America is diced into 25 regional maps, each with appropriate terrain and cities. Between scraps you buy and repair units with region-related income. During them you scramble to seize preset victory locations using deployed forces in a straightforward IGOUGO fashion.

With the exception of morale modeling and logistics, almost every key wargaming concept reports for duty. Terrain plays a vital role, recon is important, combined arms tactics are rewarded. There's fog-of-war, destructible bridges, sizable minefields, opportunity fire, plausible unit strengths... all the things that make wargames great, together with a bit of whimsy in the shape of crowd-pleasing "special powers."

In a novel touch, the amount of collateral damage you cause during the campaign is tracked. This affects an alignment-style 'reputation' stat which in turn determines which of your faction's special strengths (stuff like Cyborg squaddies, dirty bombs and napalm deluges) you can access during battles.

More Info

DescriptionShattered Union doesn't suffer under the weighty nature of its predecessors, and instead provides a fun and accurate way to get your war on.
PlatformXbox, PC
US censor ratingTeen
Release date18 October 2005 (US), 18 October 2005 (UK)