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SFX 265 On sale now!

Every atom of our being... shimmering... changing... renewing! Yes, SFX has just regenerated - and here's our first new-look issue! We've given the inside of your favourite magazine a shiny, exciting makeover, updating, refreshing, revamping and generally applying a fresh lick of paint (watch yourselves on the letters pages, they're still wet). But don't fret: we've also kept everything you love, including our commitment to bringing you the most informed, passionate and unashamedly geek-friendly science fiction magazine in the known universe. And if you've never read us before – where have you been? A lunar penal colony? – then here's the perfect issue to leap aboard...

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Prepare for a bombardment of pure news particles as our Red Alert section brings you the latest word on From Dusk Till Dawn season two, Neil Gaiman's return to Miracleman and Captain America: Civil War! Plus: Hawk The Slayer gets a sequel? What fresh madness is this?


Hark, is that the sound of mighty time engines grinding through the vortex? Believe it. As Doctor Who heads back to our screens SFX talks to Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. They know a thing or two about the new series, y'know. Probably been rummaging through the BBC bins again.


It's that time of the year when television explodes, showering us all with delicious geek-shrapnel. We talk to the movers and shakers behind the hottest new and returning shows, from Ash Vs Evil Dead to The Walking Dead, Arrow to Star Wars Rebels. Plus: Danger Mouse! Get in. Get out. Get back in again.


As the final Discworld novel The Shepherd's Crown is published at the end of August, SFX asks Sir Terry Pratchett's fellow authors to choose their favourite books by the great man.


The chrome-domed uber-assassin takes another leap from games to movies. Will Hitman: Agent 47 succeed in rebooting the brutal, gun-toting franchise?


The Man From UNCLE! Absolutely Anything! Humans! Wayward Pines! Patrick Ness's The Rest Of Us Just Live Here! Warren Ellis's Injection! Our militarised judgement-drones have the scent of your blood in their cyber-snouts! You cannot run!

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