SF sale of the century

If the January sales failed to provide the new look you’re looking for, you might want to head down to London auctioneers Bonhams
to pick up some authentic sci fi clobber. On 6 March over 400 genuine outfits from British costuming firm Angels will go under the hammer, including James Bond’s suit from GoldenEye , the Jedi cloak Alec Guinness wore in the original Star Wars and the garb of six Doctors.

The only drawback is the price. A complete Patrick Troughton costume is expected to set you back between £15k and £20k, as is Jon Pertwee’s velvet jacket/cravat ensemble (though the latter comes with the added bonus of a sonic screwdriver that an auctioneer found hidden in one of the pockets). Even Christopher Eccleston’s leather jacket is likely to cost a cool four grand. SF style, it seems, doesn’t come cheap…

Story from Outpost Gallifrey .