Secret Service Cheats

Secret Service Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by zoe pere


    Awful Surprise (15) - Shock 1 enemy with the Taser while they aren't looking.
    Bow To No One! (10) - Complete any level without crouching.
    Bullet Waltz (20) - Run for over 3 minutes, crouch 30 times, lean 30 times, and jump 30 times.
    Camera Shy (20) - Destroy 25 turret cameras.
    Cameraman (15) - Complete any level without getting hit even once by a turret.
    Collateral Damage (25) - Complete Collateral Damage on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty.
    Countryman (20) - Beat the game without killing a single Secret Service Agent.
    Coup D'etat (25) - Complete Coup D'etat on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty.
    Cowboy (10) - Accumulate 30 kills using pistols in any level.
    Don’t Tase Me Bro (10) - Electrocute 35 enemies using the Stun Gun or Taser.
    Expatriate (25) - Complete Expatriate on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty.
    Extraction (25) - Complete Extraction on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty.
    Filibuster (25) - Complete Filibuster on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty.
    Five Birds With One Boom (20) - Eliminate 5 or more enemies with a single explosion (use grenades, RPG or Trip Wire Bombs).
    From The Hip (15) - Complete any level without using gun sights.
    Gives Instead Of Takes Bullets (50) - Complete the game without dying on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty.
    Habeas Corpus (25) - Complete Habeas Corpus on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty.
    Haven't Found A Color I Like (15) - Pick up 35 Cell Phones.
    Hopefully No Long Term Effects… (10) - Receive 15 hits from high voltage fences without dying from electric shock.
    In Just 30 Seconds A Day (10) - Perform 5 crouches, 5 leans and run for 10 seconds all in under 30 seconds.
    Inaugural Assault (25) - Complete Inaugural Assault on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty.
    Just Like The Real Thing (15) - Win 30 hacking minigames.
    Last Stand (25) - Complete Last Stand on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty.
    Like Static With Unconsciousness (20) - Zap 75 enemies with the Stun Gun or Taser.
    Loves Fire, Hates Red Containers (10) - Blow up 10 fire extinguishers.
    Master Of Spin (15) - Win 10 hacking minigames in a row.
    Merciless Speed (15) - Kill 5 enemies in 5 seconds.
    No Body Cares (10) - Destroy 20 busts in Capitol Building levels (Coup D'etat and Filibuster).
    No Record (30) - Destroy all turret cameras.
    Opening A Local Wireless Store (20) - Pick up all 50 Cell Phones.
    Playing For Keeps (20) - Complete any level on POTUS Detail difficulty without dying.
    POTUS Secured (50) - Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
    Rogue Agent (25) - Complete Rogue Agent on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty.
    Soft Spot (30) - Accumulate 50 headshots throughout the entire game.
    Some Of Them Still Have Minutes (10) - Pick up 10 Cell Phones.
    The Best Defense… (20) - Complete Extraction with more than 50% of the helicopter armor intact.
    The Memory Of A Goldfish (15) - Kill 1 enemy using the tripwire laser bombs that were set by the Sentavans.
    They Shouldn't Have Bunched Up (20) - Kill 30 enemies using hand grenades and/or the RPG.
    Too Lazy To Jump And Crouch (15) - Blow up all tripwire laser bombs in the Rogue Agent level.
    Turns Out They Don't Hail A Cab (15) - Initiate the explosion of 5 tripwire laser bombs by crossing their lasers.
    Urban Legend (25) - Complete Urban Legend on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty.
    Weapon Tester (10) - Fire each weapon in the game at least once.
    What Are You, A Cat? (50) - Complete the entire game without ever using nightvision (excluding while gunning in Marine One).
    White House Electrician (20) - Complete Habeas Corpus using only the Stun Gun and Taser on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty.
    Yeah, I'm Pretty Awesome (100) - Complete the game on the POTUS Detail difficulty setting.