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Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

No one would have believed that at the beginning of the 21st century our world was being watched by intelligences greater than our own; that as we busied ourselves with our various concerns, they observed and studied us. With infinite complacency, we went to and fro from the shops and online retailers, confident of our empire over the bargains of this world. Yet across the gulf of space, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic regarded our SFX weekly bargains round-up with envious eyes and slowly, and surely, drew their plans against us…

We’ll start this week off with a few Doctor Who box-sets; first we have the Colin Baker starring “The Trial Of A Time Lord” (opens in new tab) on DVD for £13.89 which features 14 episodes in all, comprising "The Mysterious Planet", "Mind Warp", "Terror Of The Vervoids" and "The Ultimate Foe."

Next we have Tom Baker regenerating into Peter Davison in the ”New Beginnings” (opens in new tab) box-set, which features “The Keeper Of Traken”, “Logopolis” and “Castrovalva” all for £10.29 . The Peter Davison-starring ”Mara Tales” (opens in new tab) – which has the stories “Kinda” and “Snakedance” – was going for £13.50 . And finally from everybody’s favourite Time Lord, we have “The Beginning” (opens in new tab) box-set featuring the first three William stories: “An Unearthly Child”, “The Daleks” and “Edge of Destruction” – all for just £9.99 .

Staying with TV shows we found seasons one to three of The Vampire Diaries on DVD (opens in new tab) for £26.75 , the complete Neverwhere on DVD (opens in new tab) for just £3.99 , the complete Sapphire And Steel on DVD (opens in new tab) for £22.29 and the complete Sarah Jane Adventures on DVD (opens in new tab) for £32.25 .

Over on Play we saw The Last Exorcism in a DVD/Blu-ray combo set for £8.79 ; Pitch Black also in a DVD/Blu-ray set for £6.69 ; and Gamer , again in a DVD/Blu-ray combo , for £6.18 .

In our weekly wander round the supermarkets we started with Asda, where we found Star Wars: The Clone Wars season four for £27.97 . Edward Scissorhands, Super, Superman Returns and the original animated Lord Of The Rings were all £3 each on DVD. We also spotted The Spider-Man trilogy for just £9 and series one and two of Sherlock for £10 . On the cheap Blu-ray front Asda had Battleship, The Woman In Black and Ghost Rider 2 for £10 each, Immortals for £8 and How To Train Your Dragon for £7 .

In Tesco we found season one and two of The Walking Dead on DVD for £35 , Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Parts One and Two on DVD for £5 each and Batman Begins/The Dark Knight twin sets on DVD for £10 and on Blu-ray for £14.97 .

Morrison’s had a whole load of DVDs going for just £5 each. We spotted District 9, Source Code, Hannah, Chuck and Dale Versus Evil, Cowboys and Aliens, Sucker Punch, Battle LA, Sweeny Todd, Beowulf, Super 8 and The Green Hornet among many more.

All three stores had the new The Amazing Spider-Man on DVD for £10 (though Morrison’s was a penny cheaper) or on Blu-ray for £15, and Asda had special gift set featuring the DVD and a digital copy in a Spidey mask case going for £12.97 , if you like that sort of thing.

From the forum this week Silver Fox 67 brought news of the Lord Of The Rings Extended Editions. They’ll be available individually on Blu-ray from 3 December and HMV has them all for just £11 each. You can order The Fellowship Of the Ring here , The Two Towers here and The Return Of The King here .

Silver Fox also found the Jurassic Park ultimate trilogy on Blu-ray (opens in new tab) for £9 and told us about the Prometheus To Alien: The Evolution Box Set, which is available on Blu-ray (opens in new tab) . The set isn’t that cheap; Amazon have it for £41.50 , but the nine-disc collection does contain the four alien films as well as Prometheus , a Wayland Corp T-shirt and several other exclusive goodies, so we reckon someone out there will want it. Finally from Mr Fox this week we have the first Transformers movie on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital formats which will cost you just £7 .

Other suggestions from the forum this week included Badhat-h telling us that he spotted the Mission Impossible four film box-set for £20 in HMV and TMSL who found the Indiana Jones complete film set on Blu-ray for just £ 29.99, both online and in-store from Asda. Tesco had the same set for just a penny more. Finally from the forum this week we have Buffster , who found season ten of Smallville on DVD for £9.99 .

Random suggestions next and we’ll start off with a set of cute Pac-Man key protectors which can be yours for just £3.99 . Next we have this lovely Mars Attacks plush Martian figure going for £16.95 and this Darth Maul bobble head which is just £8.99 .

Without actually mentioning the “C” word thing which is less than a month away anyone who likes Lego and Star Wars can still pick up the Star Wars Lego advent calendar (opens in new tab) from the Lego website for £24.99 . Lego is way better than chocolate.

Fans of Labyrinth who drink tea or coffee might like one of these mugs themed on the film. You can get Jareth the Goblin King , Didymus , Ludo or the Worm , all for just £6.99 each.

Finally for this week we have another mug. This one features Wembley from Fraggle Rock and could be yours for £6.99 .

Usual rules: If you find anything we’ve brought you this week cheaper somewhere else please mention it in the comments section below. We want as many bargains ideas for our readers as we can get. If anyone spots a sci-fi bargain they want to share over the coming week then please head over to our forum and mention it in the relevant thread. This thread is for bargain films and this one is for TV bargains , a thread for comics and graphic novels and finally this thread is for any random bargain you might find. Keep your eyes peeled for great offers, tell us about them and we’ll stick ‘em in the bargain list next time.

Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

Dave is a TV and film journalist who specializes in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He's written books about film posters and post-apocalypses, alongside writing for SFX Magazine for many years.