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Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

Another Friday rolls round and here at SFX we’ve been roaming the supermarkets and hunting the internet to find you some tempting low-priced ideas to bring you geeky cheer. Read on to see what we found. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another Friday SFX Bargain round-up…

First up this week, Play still has its two Blu-rays for £14 deal running. This week we spotted David Cronenberg’s Videodrome , Children Of Men and Serenity amongst those of offer. Why not click through and have look see…

Staying with Joss Whedon, we have more Firefly . Last week we brought you the complete series on DVD for a bargaintastic price and this week we’ve found it on Blu-ray for just £15.97 . If anyone out there hasn’t got this yet, now’s your chance.

Next up we have the complete Angel box-set on DVD which we spotted in Amazon’s “Deals of the Week” for £46.97 .

Something for the puppet lovers out there: Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds : The complete series is available on Blu-ray for just £22.97 .

Next we have something a little extravagant... This complete Lost box-set along with a Lost -themed board game is on offer from Amazon for £79.97 on Blu-ray . You can get the same set on DVD for the slightly lower price of £64.97 .

Also on Amazon’s “Deals of the Week” this week we spotted Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One on DVD for just £6 . We saw the same film in a Blu-ray/DVD double-pack for £9.99 .

Charlie Brooker’s recent cautionary TV show Black Mirror was spotted on DVD for £9.49 .

If you’ve seen The Amazing Spider-Man at the cinema this week and you fancy a bit more web-slinging action how about these Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends animated box-sets. You can pick up season one on DVD for £4.29 and seasons two and three , again on DVD, for just £4.87 . We also found the complete series of Spider-Woman on DVD for £5.57 , if you fancy that.

In our weekly wander round the supermarkets this week we went to Morrison’s where we discovered John Carter on Blu-ray and the first season of Falling Skies on DVD for £14.99 each.

Other cheap DVDs included The Time Traveller’s Wife for £5 , Wolverine, Machete and The Thing for £3 each and Terminator 2 for just £2 . We also saw a DVD box-set including all four Twilight films so far for £20 .

In Asda we saw all three of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films for £5 each, Iron Sky was £8 ; there was cowboys versus zombies in Exit Humanity for £10 and new release John Carter was spotted on DVD, again for £10 .

Asda still has a range of sci-fi themed Blu-rays on sale for £7 each. We spotted Species, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, The Fly, Predator, Legend, Night Watch, Day Watch and Tim Burton’s Planet Of The Apes film. We also found V For Vendetta on Blu-ray for £5 .

Last week we told you about a DVD box with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight for £9 . And this week we saw the same set on Blu-ray for just £14.92 . Asda also had the individual Nolan Batman films for £15 each on Blu-ray, but given that the double set is cheaper we reckon we know which one will sell out first.

Not much from the forum this week. Midnighter brought news of Predators on DVD for £2.99 from Home Bargains, The Wicker Man: Director's Cut on DVD for £3 from Morrison’s and the recent Fright Night remake and robot boxing fun with Real Steel , both on DVD from Asda for £5 each.

Midnighter also shared news of a while pile of graphic novels and superhero reference books on sale from The Works, both in store and on its website . Click through to check out what they have. But be warned: they do charge P&P at £2.99 per order.

After the popularity of the Artoo Detoo mug we found last week we thought we’d bring you another one with the first of our random suggestions this week. This highly detailed 3D ceramic Artoo , with removable dome, can be yours for £16.99 .

Something for stealthy assassins out there next… This set of cute Ninja Russian Dolls was spotted at for just £8.99 .

If you’ve seen Spider-Man the cinema and you’ve ordered the animated series mentioned earlier in the round-up and you still haven’t got enough to sate your Spider-Man fix. How about Spider-Spud? He’s available from for £14.99 .

Over on the Firebox website we saw the ever-popular Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks on sale this week. You can pick up the Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Darth Maul designs here for £5.99 each. The Darth Maul ones even fit together to make his iconic double lightsaber.

Over to Zavvi next for some superhero themed earbuds. We spotted Thor , Incredible Hulk and Captain America sets for £7.99 each. We also saw designs featuring The Flash, Green Lantern and Superman, but they were at the more expensive price of £12.99 each. The site also has big chunky ear phones for £14.99. Check ’em all out here .

Finally for this week we have the perfect gift for that stressed out Who fan in your life. This TARDIS-shaped stressball can be yours for just £5.99 .

Usual rules - If you find anything we’ve brought you this week cheaper somewhere else please mention it in the comments section below. We want as many bargains ideas for our readers as we can get. If anyone out there spots a sci-fi bargain they want to share over the coming week then please head over to our forum and mention it in the relevant thread. This thread is for bargain films and this one is for TV bargains , a thread for comics and graphic novels and finally this thread is for any random bargain you might find. Keep your eyes peeled for great offers for your fellow geek and maybe your find will be in the bargain list next time.