Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

The Return Of Captain Coinsaver (aka, Steven Ellis) with his super money-saving hyper-powers

Hello, Captain Coinsaver here (unless Dave’s come up with another comedy name this week) and I’d like to welcome you to this, the weekly SFX bargain hunt. As ever we’ve been moving Heaven and Earth to find cut-price sci-fi goodies to enthral you with… Well, actually we’ve been wandering round a few shops and surfing the internet, but our hearts are in the right place. So, read on for some ideas for geeky entertainment with low, low price tags.

We’ll start if this week’s list with a reminder of the 2 Blu-rays for £10 offer Amazon still has running, including films such as Constantine, The Island, Contact and Interview With The Vampire . Check it out, there might be something there you fancy.

Staying with Amazon we have a convoluted love story in The Time Traveler’s Wife on DVD for £2.99 .

Next up we have Karl Urban and The Rock (is he called something else these days?) blowing the crap out of everything in the 2005 movie adaptation of Doom . The Blu-ray is £6.99 , or the DVD can be yours for £2.96 . CDWow has another slightly dodgy film version of a computer game with Wing Commander on DVD for £3.49 . This one has that guy who plays Poirot in it too.

See Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning using their mutant brains in Push , available on Blu-ray for £4.99 and also on DVD for £2.99 .

Next we have Joey from Friends trying to break typecasting in the 1998 big screen outing of Lost In Space on Blu-ray for £7.49 . Or alternatively you could opt for the original classic TV series on DVD for £26.99 .

Fancy a giant-meteors-threatening-the-Earth film? How about two of ’em? Armageddon can be yours on DVD for £2.99 Or you could see Elijah Wood in action before he got the hairy feet in this Special Edition version of Deep Impact on DVD for £9.77 . Alternatively you could go for the DVD two-pack including The Core and Deep Impact together for £4.68 . We guess you must get a discount for buying The Core .

More Elijah Wood before-the-feet action next in this aliens-taking-over-a-school film: The Faculty is available on DVD for £4.99 and on Blu-ray for £9.79 .

Next up we have a pre -LOTR ghostly offering from Peter Jackson: Michael J Fox takes on The Grimm Reaper in The Frighteners , available from Amazon on Blu-ray for £7.79 and on DVD from HMV for £5.99 .

Remember Alien Nation ? We found both the film and the later TV show from Play. The James Caan/Mandy Patinkin movie can be your on DVD for £3.89 and the TV series boxed set is £26.99 , again on DVD. No sign of any of the TV movies though.

In Asda’s DVD aisle this week they had Tekken: Blood Vengeance for £8 ; big fighting robots in Real Steel for £10 ; empty streets in Vanishing On 7th Street for £9 ; the original Let The Right One In for £5 ; Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!) for £5 ; Jumper for £3 (who else would love a sequel called Cardigan ?); and aliens in the ghetto in District 9 for £3 .

We also spotted a selection of animated films with a sci-fi flavour including Megamind for £7 ; Planet 51 for £3 ; How To Train Your Dragon for £5 ; Monster Versus Aliens for £5 ; Despicable Me for | £5; and Monsters Inc for £9 .

And amongst the cheap Blu-rays in Asda this week we spotted Terminator 2, Sucker Punch, Deep Blue Sea, Beowulf and the new Clash of the Titans all for £6 each.

In Morrison’s we saw Goonies for £5 ; Attack the Block also for £5 ; Black Swan for £6 ; Kick-Ass for £4 ; Paul for £5 ; and Robots for £3 . In the land of TV box-sets we saw The Walking Dead ; season one for £11.99 , Sarah Jane series five for £10 ; and Camelot series one for £11.99 . Morrison’s also had Real Steel on DVD for £9.99 which is a penny cheaper than we saw it in Asda. The Blu-ray was £16.99 , which is the cheapest we saw it in any of the supermarkets… Amazon has it for £14.99 though.

Other Blu-rays we spotted in Morrison’s were Paul for £6 , Super also for £6 ; District 9 for £5 ; Attack The Block for £10 ; Mortal Kombat for £7; and V For Vendetta again for £7 .

Over at Tesco this week we found pretty much the same range as the last few weeks as it continue its “Big Night In” DVD promotion. There was The Adjustment Bureau for £7 ; 300, Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow, I Am Legend, Blade, The Island and GI Joe for £5 each. Additionally we also found Priest for £8 ; Piranha 3D for £5 ; and The Invasion for £3 . No cheap Blu-rays at Tesco – we didn’t spot a single one under £16 .

From the forum this week we have Midnighter , who found Hot Tub Time Machine on DVD for £3 in Morrison’s. Midnighter also told us that his local Tesco has the Character Building Doctor Who Cyberman Conversion Chamber for £10 as an in-store-only offer and the HBO Shop is currently offering 20% off all hoodies; just enter the code “HOOD20” when you checkout. But this offer is only running until valid till 11.59pm tonight (Friday) so best be quick.

Also from the forum Runalong found Muppet Movies for £4 and the excellent Bubba Ho-Tep for £3 in HMV and Rodderj04 told us about a promotion at Play which has a range of DVDs for £5 including Gnomeo And Juliet, Battle L.A and The Lost Boys 3 .

And finally for this week, Son of Solo found this Star Wars: The Clone Wars three-season DVD box-set for £47.99 ; it’s not exactly cheap we know, but considering you’ll pay around £68 in total if you buy the seasons individually, it’s definitely a bargain.

As usual if anyone finds the things we’ve brought you this week cheaper somewhere else please mention it in the comments section below. We want all the bargains ideas for our readers that we can find. And remember; if anyone out there spots a sci-fi bargain they want to share then please pop over to the forum and mention it in the relevant thread. This thread is for bargain films and this one is for TV bargains and finally this thread is for any random bargain you might find. Keep your eyes peeled for great offers for your fellow geek and maybe your find will be in the bargain list next time.