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Scarface: The World is Yours

So it's about balls. And coke. Lots of it. Other games may hide their narcotics in 'packages' or allow you to get high on 'X', but Scarface plays it straight, slinging in a drug-dealing management game beside the gunplay. It's all about meeting your supplier, buying cocaine then selling it to dealers across Miami.

As a defeated Tony Montana (yes, in the game he escapes that climatic mansion scene) you're here to get back on top and that means making money. Then, as every Scarface fan knows, you get the power, then you get the women.

Above: Just some of the sights at the recent Scarface event in Marbella. International assignments can be hell...

Doing drug deals involves something rather less glamorous however. Say "welcome back" to that old favourite, the three-press golf swing. Find your supplier then time your button presses to pull off the deal. The better your negotiating skills the better the price you get. 'Balls' it up and the deal goes bad, meaning you've got to shoot your way out.

Same goes at the dealer's place. Buy low, sell high, make money. And once the cash is in your pocket you've got to take it to the bank and button-tap yourself a good money-laundering deal. Get caught with cash en route to a deal and you'll lose the lot.