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Save $150 on a WD 6TB My Book Desktop and back up everything with this Cyber Monday HDD deal

WD My Book Desktop
(Image credit: WD)

The impressive Cyber Monday hard drive deals continue to flow in, which is pretty handy because let's face it, we've all got a lot of data to store these days. Whether it's a growing collection of high definition video and audio files on our computers, or a back catalogue of games spanning years on our consoles, we need additional storage like never before. And this time of year is the perfect opportunity to find a storage solution. Although there are a number of tempting Cyber Monday SSD deals available, traditional HDDs offer larger capacities and for a much more reasonable price, so they're still the way forward when it comes to big storage options.

That's where Western Digital come in, with their 6TB My Book Desktop catching our eye within the wider Cyber Monday deals. At its original price of $250 there was nothing to make it particularly stand out, but thanks to an absolute Cyber Monday makeover the price has been slashed by 60%, dipping it just into two figure territory at $99.99. Remember that it's 6TB you're getting with this drive, pushing the cost down to an equivalent of $16.67 per terabyte, which is an impressive rate you'd find hard to match anywhere else right now.

Cyber Monday HDD deals

WD My Book Desktop 6TB HDD | $250

WD My Book Desktop 6TB HDD | $250 $99.99 at Amazon
Western Digital are one of the big names when it comes to storage, so you know you can trust their drives to be reliable. This huge saving of 60% means you're getting a dollars-to-data rate that you're unlikely to beat anywhere else.

WD Elements Portable 4TB HDD | $140

WD Elements Portable 4TB HDD | $140 $84.99 at Amazon
If you want storage that's easier to move around and not tied to its own power supply, then the Western Digital Elements Portable is a great alternative choice. It's not quite the same value per TB as the My Book Desktop, but it's close and you're still saving $55.

Whichever storage option you pick, you can stop worrying about how much space you have left as you won't get close to running out for a while to come.

If you're thinking of attaching your storage to a new computer, then we've got the lowdown on what Cyber Monday gaming PC and Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals are available. You can also ensure you get the best view of your games and apps by seeing what Cyber Monday gaming monitors are on offer.

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