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Save 500 bucks on a quality Dell Omen gaming PC right now - ends tonight!

Save 500 bucks on a quality Dell Omen gaming PC right now
(Image credit: HP)

Been on the lookout for a new gaming rig? Then this here deal is absolutely for you. For today only - it ends midnight PDT tonight - Amazon is selling a powerful HP Omen gaming PC with a $500 discount, coming in at $1,600. Yup, it is a fair whack of money to part with all at once, but for a gaming machine of this spec and how long it's likely to last you, the value is strong in this one. 

The headline specs that lie under the hood are as follows: an i7-8700K processor; 16GB of RAM; an RTX 2080 8GB graphics card; and dual storage in the form of a 512GB to munch through load times, not to mention a 2TB HDD for plenty of roomy storage. This is a well considered, high-end build that has gaming at high frame rates and high fidelity in mind. The graphics card is still one of the most powerful going, i7 processors are the most commonly seen CPUs in gaming machines due to their bang for buck offering, the RAM is ideal (though offers the option to be upgraded to 32GB down the line if you wish), and the dual storage is likely to make light work of loading times. We haven't seen a gaming PC with as much value for money for a while.

Further to the cold hard specs, there's plenty more reason to be confident as an HP Omen is present on our best gaming PC guide offering an understated but capable way into the world of gaming PCs - much like this one on offer today. It's worth noting that this is part of Amazon's Intel Gamer Days sale event which has a bunch of decent offers on gaming gear.

HP Omen gaming PC | i7-8700K | RTX 2080 | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD + 2TB HDD | $1600 at Amazon (save $500)
It's a sizeable investment, sure, but the value here is undeniable. This is a high-performing, well-considered powerful compilation of components that will have you future proofed for a good while.View Deal

As you're saving so much money on a quality machine, you may have some budget to spend on an equally quality monitor. If so, Amazon has you covered there as well with the Acer Predator XB271HK dropping down to nearly its lowest ever price at $500. This is a 4K monitor that will serve your PC - and your consoles - incredibly well. Its quality can also be vouched for as its cousin, the XB271HU, is on our best gaming monitors guide. Alternatively, you could also check out the options among the best gaming TVs for something bigger and more multi-purpose for your screen. For portable gaming machine alternatives, check out the best gaming laptops money can buy. 

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