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Saturday Link-A-Mania

Angel Delight
Okay, okay, that's the most predictable headline for a story about anything with Angel in the title, but it's Saturday, we're recovering from Friday night festivities and it's the best we can do. Anyway, Variety reports that Sony has snapped up the film rights to a book called Angelology (try saying that after a few wine gums) about a 23-year old nun who teams with an angel expert to thwart a race of angel/human hybrids called Nephilim. Author of the book, Danielle Trussoni, is already working on a sequel, so we can smell franchise potential.

Land of the Lost Still Looking Ropey
Tagged onto the end of yet another self-agrandising post by Harry ("have I dropped a name yet?") Knowles over at Ain't It Cool is a new picture from Land of the Lost, the film version of the '70s TV show about a modern day family trapped in a world of dinosaurs. Is it just us, or all all the stills being released from this film deliberately crud? Is there some joke we're missing?