Samurai Jack will return to TV after more than a decade lost in time and space

Samurai Jack will air a new season during Cartoon Network's late-night Adult Swim programming block - specifically, Toonami - sometime in 2016. Creator Genndy Tartakovsky will helm production, but no other details (including cast, number of episodes, or premiere date) have yet been revealed.

If you missed it the first time around, Samurai Jack was a mash-up of sci-fi and samurai stories that followed a dimension-hopping samurai as he fought his way through time and space, constantly seeking to confront the evil shapeshifter, Aku. It was known for its quiet and mature writing, as well as a beautiful art style that did away with black outlines. It was nominated for six Emmy Awards, and won four.

So seriously, when people tell you it's a good show: it's a good show.

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