Runescape 2 Cheats

Runescape 2 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by RS.Cheatman

    10k Every Hour

    Varrock and Barverian Village

    P.S. You will have to follow one of my other cheats while in this cheat.
    If you want 10k every hour you've came to the right place. All you have to do is have a main account and follow these easy steps:

    1)After you have a main acount make a new acount on the Runescape Homepage. Once your done the name, password and the toturial, you will end up in Lumbridge. Straght away run to Varrock and sell all the items you got from the Toturial island. [Eg:runes to the runeman (Aubury), Bow and arrows to the range shop.]

    2) When your done all that you have to go to Braverian Village. Go down one of the mining rocks that is open and you will be underground in the Gift Of Peace (Stronghold of Security). Do all the levels of it by answering the questions while going through the doors.

    3) When your done all the levels teleport or run back to Lumbridge (where you came out of when you started the game). Once you got there, log-out.

    4) Once your logged-out you will have to follow one of my other cheats. Its called: How to play two players at once. You have to double log-in on both your players (your main account and the 10k cheat one) and transfer the money over to your main.

    It's that easy.

  • PC | Submitted by RS.Cheatman

    How To Play Two People At Once

    To play two people at once it is easy. People use it to transfer items from one player to another.

    All you have to do is:
    1) Open two Internet Explorers and go onto the Runescape website.

    2) Get into (on both of them) play existing user and choose high or low detail. Then choose the same world for both of them.

    3) Once your done that type in both usernames and both passwords.

    4) NOW HERE IS THE TRICKY PART! Resize both windows until they are small and you can see only the log-in button on both of them.

    5) Click REALLY FAST log-in on both of them. So click on log-in then click it on the other window straight away!

    6) Soon both windows will be logged-in and click play now on both. Then your done. Go and transfer your items to each other.

  • PC | Submitted by rune hackaz

    Runescape Hack Warning

    Ed. Note: This is being provided for informational purposes only to help Runescape players guard against hackers. Stealing passwords is unethical and illegal. This is the kind of thing scammers will try to use to obtain your password/username, so avoid them. And please, stop submitting them to us. Believe it or not, we have our suspicions about these secret Jagex Hotmail/Yahoo accounts we keep hearing about, and you aren't very clever, Runescape "haxxors."

    If you want to hack Runescape (get on an another player's acount) Just follow these simple instructions. But don't get caried away as it may take some time to work. 'Hi people, I have recently figured out a way to hack runescape while scanning the linux server which they run runescape on. Below I will tell you how to hack runescape accounts. I have really only made this up for people who have been scammed by other people. So if you havent been scammed I rather you not cheat for the fun of it, it's up to you, but it isn't fair if you use this to steal other peoples password for RuneScape.

    Step 1.

    Get the RuneScape account name you want to hack. Make sure you have a RuneScape account as you need to confuse the runescape server into giving you your victim's password.

    Step 2.

    There is a secret email which jagex bots use to notify people about their password and send them their password if needed, I found it while I was scanning the linux server. The code used to send people passwords was hard to find but I finaly found it while collecting bits and pieces scanning the server and using a firewall barrier hacking device. Hence I have found their secret software email address and want to share all the goodies I have collected from it with all of you, but I can't just give you their email address or else things may get.. A little crazy, and I don't want to get blamed for anything. But I have come up with an email address which looks like a normal one to fool jagex and linux detection systems, [emailaddress], I linked this email to jagex's email and hence forth, instead of it transferring all of the data sent to [emailaddress] it will automatically send it to jagex's headquarters page without them knowing it, their computer sends the information back to you within 24 hours of the data being sent. Just follow steps below...

    Step 3.

    Here is the code you need to send to the server to confuse it. Do it exactly as it is typed or the attempt will fail.

    To: [emailaddress]
    Subject: rspsswrdrcvry (it must be exactly as typed)
    Now after that type:
    #=No.:4658932//$%Code&"Your Username"%*==$& }
    #serident6254\\\\$$Code%"Victims Username"*$$1==$& }
    E\\$$Code*&%$$#input*%"Your Password"*32&&*$==02$& }

    Step 4.

    You must replace the words in " " to what it says and as I said don't make any mistakes or you will fail. What I would do is highlight the text then copy it and paste it on the email that way you don't make any mistakes. There you have it, Hacking RuneScape is easy for you now. Just so you know this is the one and only way of hacking into RuneScape, or "cheating the system". My friend finds out these things and teaches me, since I'm slower than he is. Autominers and other cheating software are all garbage and only steal your password, so if you think I'm a scammer, think again because through jagex's email I now have over 500 mil, 3 partyhat sets, 37 red masks, 84 green masks, 22 blue masks, and 97 santas plus full rune (g) full zammy, full guthix, and anything else you can think of! So why would I want to help you all? Because I'm a nice guy and I feel bad for people who don't know how to hack like I do. I GUARANTEE THIS WORKS, I'VE GIVEN AWAY OVER 200 mil in items and cash so far. I would suggest that the level of character would be 20+ otherwise jagex may figure out the system if it's too low of a character that has millions lol. COME PLAY RUNESCAPE WITH LOTS OF CASH AND ITEMS!!!!!! [emailaddress]@yahoo.COMt do this too often, just do it to good and rear acounts: enjoy! Don't do this too often as you may be detected and banned for life.

Runescape 2 Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Daemoz

    Runescape Stuff

    No-Where really.

    Part 1


    If someone says "want me to trim your armour?" they are scammers, armour CANNOT be trimmed.

    If someone says "wanna become a member free? Just give me your password!" its a scam.

    If someone says "wanna train on me in wildy?" they probably want to kill you for your items.

    Part 2
    ~~~Making Cash, F2P~~~

    Mine coal, sell for 150 each

    Smith and mine, sell full steel 7k, mithril 15k, adamant 40k and rune 180-200k

    Mine rune essence and sell for 30 each

    Mine rune essence and craft it

    Pk, but only go with the items you are willing to lose!

    Part 3
    ~~~Making Money, P2P~~~

    Pick flax, sell for 100 ea

    Pick flax, spin it, sell for 150 ea

    At level 3 beg for free stuff

    Merch ~ Merch means, e.g. buying granite maul 90k, then selling for 100k. If you do this 100 times you make 1 mil!

    Part 4
    ~~~Quests, F2P~~~

    Start with the cooks assistant, eggs in chicken farm near the lumbridge goblins, get abucket, milk a cow, pick wheat and make into flour at windmill

    Then I suggest doing all the non-fighting ones.

    Train till level 20+, do demon slayer, then vampire slayer

    Last quest: Dragon Slayer

    Part 5
    ~~~Quests P2P~~~

    Start with all the non member quests.
    Train for a long while then do the easier ones.

    Ones to leave till later

    Lost City
    Fremenik Trials
    Fremenik Isles
    What lies below(or w/e its called)
    Monkey Madness(HELLISH!)
    Zogre Flesh eaters

    Thats it for now!


  • PC | Submitted by Joeman1777

    Combat Guide

    Everywhere on runescape

    Level 3-30-----------Cows
    Level 30-40----------Al-Khard Warriors
    Level 40-50----------Hill Giants
    Level 50-60----------Jail Guards
    Level 60-70----------Deadly Red Spiders
    Level 70-80----------Lesser Demons
    Level 80+-------------Wilderness

  • PC | Submitted by Joeman1777

    Advanced Word Art

    Anywhere in runescape

    -These are all the word arts i know-


    -Now these are combinations-


    -Lol heres a shorter version-

    any of those colors:scroll:

    -Well there you go try them out-

  • PC | Submitted by Brother Wiff

    The Best Food Money can Buy

    If your planning to go fighting for the day, but dont no what food to take, sure sordies and lobsters are great! But....If you want an effective food (not as good as lobsters or sordies) thats cheap go to al-kharid for....KEBABS. I've been using kebabs for all my wild fights and most of my PK's fights too. So try 'em out!

  • PC | Submitted by Wesbrook

    Wilderness Help

    Any place in the wilderness (most likely Varrock)

    When going to wilderness, take a strong melee attack weapon. Also, a bow, arrows, runes, and food. Find a team mate (or team mates) around your level. But be careful! They could want your items!! I would recommend a friend. someone you can trust. Make sure you all execise your individual strengths. (Ranging, maging, meleeing) This way you can ambush any alone weakling who has good items.

  • PC | Submitted by Sam Kahan

    Training Area FAQ

    delrith hill:
    mages drop good runes like law and nature
    alot of noobs die there

    edgeville underground:
    hill giants drop good runes like law and nature
    hill giants drop alot of money
    hill giants drop alot of weapons
    hill giants drop alot of gems
    rarley people die there
    good mine with high lvl ore

    draymor next to bank:
    mages drop good runes like law and nature
    willows can be cut down
    tree spirits rarly kill people but appear often
    1 black knight to kill
    fishing spots

    barbarian village and longhall:
    noobs die sometimes
    lvl17 barbs drop laws rarly
    coal to mine
    helmet store
    rock golems appear often

    chaos temple w/ wine:
    tale noobs there and tell them to take the wine
    so they'll die

    wizards tower top floor:
    lesser demon behind fence
    kill with arrows or magic
    they drop good stuff like rune med helm, mith chain,
    and chaos runes
    get stuff with tele grab

  • PC | Submitted by Runedrift 6446

    How to Get Your Cooking Up Faster

    Cooking guild

    If you want to get your cooking up all you have to do is go to the cooking guild near varrock, and stand in front of the door. Then you have to log out, wait for a few minutes and then log in again, and your cooking will go up by 2. When i did this it worked and i got my cooking up to 90!

  • PC | Submitted by Johny 24

    Strange Boxes

    When u recieve a strange box from the mysterious old man DO NOT OPEN IT YET...go to the bank and try to store it, it will not go in the bank but will multiply in your inventory, keep doing this until your inventory is full than open the boxes one by one until you get to the last one, then fill your inventory again, u can do this trick as many times as u like. When i did this i emptied my inventory once and got 640g, not much but it ads up!

  • PC | Submitted by Josh

    Faster Magic Lvl

    There is a way to get your magic up somewhat faster and safer than going and fighting something that is deadly and could kill you. First, you have to go mine about 500 to 1000 rune essence. Second, you have to go turn them into the number of runes you want depending on your magic lvl. I advise an equal amount depending on the spell you want to cast. Make sure the spell that you are stocking up for is a attack or offensive spell and it will deal damage. Finally, after you have all your runes, go to the wizard's tower, which is south of draynor Village. Go to the top floor of the wizard's tower, and there will be a lvl 82 lesser demon. Don't be scared though, because he is caged up and cannot attack you. It is a great way to raise your magic since you only have to wait 1-2 minutes before it respawns again. This tip is not very good for archers unless they have alot of money so they can buy more arrows, since you cannot retrieve any items that are within the cage.

  • PC | Submitted by Doom Pug

    Word Art

    To make wierd colors for your words in Runescape simply type:

    Note: You must type it exactlylike I did and you can mix some types to make cooler word art!

  • PC | Submitted by Hammerman14

    Easy Members Money Guide

    Ok, to get awesome cash on RuneScape, it requires 2 things. At least level 20 crafting and a membership subscription.

    First, go to Seers' Village (if you don't know where it is, check th world map) and go to the flax field.
    Pick at least 7000 flax.

    Second, go to the spinning wheel that is the house in front of the Yew trees. Spin all your flax into bowstrings.

    Next, sell all your bowstrings for 150-160 gp each.
    You should get at least 1 mil. (mil = million)

    Then buy a dragon plateskirt for 1.1 mil. Sell this plateskirt for 2.4 mil if you can. Buy dragon platelegs for the 2.4 mil, then sell for 3.6 mil.

    Viola! You are now a multi-millionaire in a matter of days!

    Remember, be patient, spinning is a pain in the backside, but it's all worth it for the money!

  • PC | Submitted by Steven Souto


    Go to lumbridge castle and stand in front of the main kitchen door and eventually a genie will appear.Talk to him and he will give you a lamb.Rub the lamp and you can raise any of your stats.[Note:You can only raise a stat once.]

Runescape 2 Easter Eggs

  • PC | Submitted by Tails

    Turn Into an Easter Egg

    On Easter day, go south of Falador with a spade with you, and go into the forest. You'll see a bunch of bunnies and kids. You'll notice the bunnies burrying Easter-Eggs. Dig up the eggs with your spade. Give out 10 eggs to children. Then, keep on digging up eggs until you find an egg that is blue with a yellow lightning-shaped stripe on it. Eat it while standing on top of one of the rabbit holes that the rabbits come out of. You'll turn into a bunny and apear inside of the bunny base. Hop your way to the North, where you'll find a room filled with bunnies listening to speakers. you'll notice a shute that has eggs rolling down it. Hop up the shute and enter the hole at the top. You'll apear in a room where the Easter-Bunny resides. Speak to the Easter-Bunny and ask him, "What's going on here?".... He'll tell you that the bunnies should be giving the children Easter-eggs. Tell him, "No, they are just burrying the eggs."......... He'll give you a mission to give out ten eggs, if you've already done that like instructed above, your character will say that he/she has already done it. the easter bunny will reward you with a magic ring that lets you turn into and Easter-egg!