Roller Coaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes Cheats

Roller Coaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes Hints

  • PC | Submitted by David

    Demon Drop

    Build Demon Drop the Water slide, which will attract loads of visitors.
    Put the price to about 2 dollars, and build the queuing line long. Then raise the price to 5 dollars, and you will make a lot of money.

  • PC | Submitted by Hackster

    Custom ride music

    Additional ride music may be added as follows:

    1. Convert the new music file into a .WAV file, PCM format, 22,050Hz, 8bit, Stereo.

    2. Move the file into the 'Data' subfolder in the RollerCoaster Tycoon installed folder, and rename it to either CUSTOM1.WAV or CUSTOM2.WAV

    3. Run the game as normal. The additional music file should be recognized by the game, and will appear in music selection menus as "Custom Music 1" or "Custom Music 2".

    NOTE: there can only be 2 custom music files if you add a 3rd it will not work.

  • PC | Submitted by Zach Frank

    Keep jetskis n boats from getting stuck

    Go to the scenery icon than click on fountains. next put the fountains that go on only water were you don't want them to go so they don't get stuck

  • PC | Submitted by (Screen name) Snowbdrs2000


    To build a "WINNER" (A Themepark) that is a winner follow these 20 very easy steps.

    1.Never borrow debt from the bank unless you absolutely need it.
    2.Always, Always, Always when you borrow debt make sure you pay it back because after you pay it in, you earn bundles, and bundles more than you did before and even faster than you did before.
    3.Space your food stands away from each other, and never charge over $4.00 for them otherwise you will lose buissness.
    4.Everytime you build two rides then charge $5.00 more to enter the park. But if you build a roller coaster that people like then you can automaticly charge $5.00 more for the entrance fee, But if it sags low in the crowds demolish it and do not charge the $5.00.
    5.Always give your attractions "Names".
    6.Put a bench near a ride that has a high nasea or high intensity rated rides.
    7.Put a bathroom after every ride you make or almost every ride you make.
    8.give your attraction a theme and give it a cool name to go with the theme.
    9.Put benches and trash cans next to food stands and be sure to space them.
    10.To make some of your attractions have a better excitement rating on a ride higher make it under ground or parts of it underground. But remember not all attractions can be put under ground.
    11.Make you rides play music but not all the rides as it might be disturbing to your guests in the park.
    12.Also if you can paint your attraction do it definitely it attracts crowds.
    13.Try making twin roller coasters and add a racing mode to them.
    14.Always test your rides before you open them.
    15.Make sure to put lots of scenery in your park.
    16.Break your park into sections.
    17.Be careful not to get hooked up into a certain type of ride and add lots of variety to your park.
    18.When you are in the icon in selecting what ride you would like to build--look down to where it says other info--read that to get advice.
    19.Put alot of entertainers to improve your guests happiness.
    20.Build you way from the back of the park forwards.


    The best advice in the workd I can give you is just to have fun building in your park.

  • PC | Submitted by bj mccann

    Fun Diversions

    you can pop lots of balloons and make duck quack at the same time by pausing the game and clicking on it or them then un pausing the game and all the balloons and ducks you
    clicked pop and quack.

    you can make you're gests sink in quick sand by putting some water one level up then dropping some gests into the water then quickly lowering the water. the gests will sink into the ground as if the ground is quick sand. after the gests sink it will say they drowned.

    you can make boats hover by lowering the water under them as they go by. the boats will not be able to come back.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Beat Arid Heights

    message: An easy way to beat Arid Heights is to build all the rides possible. First research all the thrill rides and gentle rides. Build all of them and then research roller coasters. You should have enough room to build all the types of roller coasters. Hire many staff members and keep the handymen from mowing the grass. Another easy way to do this is select the land icon, put it to max, and left click on the are where there is grass. Do not drag the mouse, or the land will be raised. Once all the roller coaters and done being researched, you should've won. If not, continue building high excitement rides.
    Make sure you test run your roller coasters and water slides first. Some of mine crashed, and I didn't test run them. This will make your park rating drop a whole lot. Have fun!

Roller Coaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Guest Names

    Use these names for guests to get the following results
    Simon Foster Artist Guest
    Katie Bradshaw Waving Guest
    Chris Sawyer Takes Pictures
    Melanie Warn Happy Guest
    Tony Day Hungry Guest
    John Mace Overpaying Guest
    John Wardley WOW Thinking
    Damon Hill or Michael Schumacher Fast Go Carts