Lara Croft speaks softly and carries a big gun in Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay

The 2013 Tomb Raider reboot opened with a plethora of action setpieces - a shipwreck, Lara cocooned, a (slight) impaling, a cave collapse, and more. Within the first few hours, our heroine was fighting off wolves, raiders and dodging crashing planes. It doesn't look like developer Crystal Dynamics is going to take their foot off the gas pedal either, as evidenced by new Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay shown at a preview event held earlier this week.

This section takes place roughly two hours into the game, and Lara is tossing oil lanterns, blowing up barrels, and sticking arrows through skulls as armed soldiers converge on her. Damn, girl. Now, if you prefer your footage with helpful voiceover to explain why this is all going on, check out our Rise of the Tomb Raider video preview.

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