Resistance: Fall of Man hands-on

Wednesday 10 May 2006
At last - E3 is open, we're in and we've been playing PS3. More specifically, we've been spitting bullets in Resistance: Fall of Man, the next-gen shooter from Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games.

While we would have liked to get our hands dirty with a bit of solo shooting, the only thing on offer at the Sony stand was a pretty standard multiplayer deathmatch demo level - there's no single-player Resistance at the show - that pitted us against other E3 attendees.

Above: Single-player wasn't on offer on the show floor, but we got stuck into the multiplayer deathmatch demo

The game takes place in an alternative vision of the 20th century and the map we played was reminiscent of a World War II battleground, although the futuristic helicopters that buzzed overhead didn't seem out of place and the small glimpse of the world we were given was entirely believable.

Like any good deathmatch, the emphasis was on fast-paced action with the tightly designed map not really allowing for campers to choose a spot and dig in, although there were plenty of areas to use as cover, such as bomb craters and derelict buildings.