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Resident Evil 4 HD launch trailer has some good things on sale, stranger

Know why this launch trailer for Resident Evil 4 quotes GamesRadar as calling RE4 “one of the best games out there”? Because it's damn well true. Take a look at the clip and see if Capcom can persuade you to return once more to what we called a “visually stunning theme park of violence” in our original Game Cube review.

RE4: HD launches today on PSN and XBLA, with an HD upgrade of series spinoff Code Veronica to come on the 27th. RE4 veterans may have had their fill – particularly of the game's visuals, which don't receive the upgrade they could have for this re-issue – but newcomers can weigh up 2007's superlative Wii conversion against this $20 offering. Find out what we thought about how Resident Evil 4 feels the second time around by visiting our Resident Evil 4 HD review.

Sep 21, 2011