Rebel Assault Cheats

Rebel Assault Cheats

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    After the animated LucasArts logo, move your joystick UP and press FIRE, move the joystick DOWN and press FIRE, then move the joystick LEFT and press FIRE, then move the joystick RIGHT and press FIRE. You'll hear a telephone ringing and a voice answering "LucasArts," which lets you know that the cheat mode is active. Here's where the fun begins, because you'll be able to jump to any chapter in the game without having to write down all those silly codes!

    To go anywhere in the game, type the number of the chapter you want to play. The chapters are number 1-9 for chapters 1-9, and A-F for chapters 10-15. Also by pressing the + key on the numeric keypad, you'll reset your damage to zero, and pressing ESC will let you move to the next cutscreen. Hope these cheats help Rebels everywhere!

    Passwords (Easy Mode):
    Password Level
    BOSSK Planet Kolaador
    ENGRET Star Destroyer Attack
    RALRRA Tatooine Attack
    FRIJA Asteroid Field Chase
    LAFRA Imperial Walkers
    DERLIN StormTroopers
    MOTLOK Protect Rebel Transport
    MORAG Yavin Training
    TANTISS Tie Attack
    OSWAFL Death Star Surface
    KLAATY Surface Cannon
    IRENEZ Power Relays
    LIANNA Death Star Trench
    PAKKA Finale
    NORVAL End

    Passwords (Normal Mode):
    Password Level
    BOTHAN Planet Kolaador
    HERGLIC Star Destroyer Attack
    LEENI Tatooine Attack
    THRAWN Asteroid Field Chase
    LWYLL Imperial Walkers
    MAZZIC StormTroopers
    JULPA Protect Rebel Transport
    MORRT Yavin Training
    MUFTAK Tie Attack
    RASKAR Death Star Surface
    JHOFF Surface Cannon
    ITHOR Power Relays
    UMWAK Death Star Trench
    ORLOK Finale
    NKLLON End

    Passwords (Hard Mode):
    Password Level
    BORDOK Planet Kolaador
    SKYNX Star Destroyer Attack
    DEFEL Tatooine Attack
    JEDGAR Asteroid Field Chase
    MADINE Imperial Walkers
    TARKIN StormTroopers
    MOTHMA Protect Rebel Transport
    GLAYYD Yavin Training
    OTTEGA Tie Attack
    RISHII Death Star Surface
    IRZINA Surface Cannon
    KARRDE Power Relays
    VONZEL Death Star Trench
    OSSUS Finale
    MALANI End

    View end sequence
    Enter ORGANA as a password.