Ready For Home Alone At Hogwarts?

Paramount developing a comedy chiller called School Of Horrors

Paramount is developing an original script called School Of Horrors , which Deadline New York describes as Home Alone in Hogwarts.

The project comes courtesy of British writer/director team George Kay and Jim ( She’s Out Of My League ) Field Smith. The story concerns a schoolboy who's left behind in a haunted school when his parents go on holiday. Paramount plans to shoot the film in 2011.

This could be the start of a whole new trend. Home Alone meets Alien (schoolboy left in a monster-infested spaceship); Home Alone meets Night In The Museum (schoolboy left stranded in a one-idea franchise); Home Alone meets St Trinians (schoolboy left alone in his own tawdry fantasies); Home Alone meets Being John Malkovich (schoolboy rattles around inside actor’s brain)… the sequel opportunities are endless.