Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 - hands-on

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 doesn't forget that the Wii's main audience is families, either. Take the third minigame we sampled, Rodeo. Here, your Rabbid is strapped tight to a bucking mechanical bull and the only goal is to smash and destroy as many things in the room as possible. It's the kind of uninhibited destruction that kids love. On the other hand, winning requires you to pay attention and follow onscreen instructions, which is a detail that those kids' parents will also love.

Another crucial element in making a good Wii game is nailing the unique multiplayer. Participants shouldn't just be sitting or standing next to each other while playing. They should be getting physical - pushing, pulling and jostling each other for control of the match. The first Rabbids didn't encourage this enough, including too many turn-based minigames. Thankfully, the sequel's minigames will all be simultaneous. The fourth and final one we experienced - Hamburger - showcased this beautifully. Rabbids careen around a restaurant, balancing ceiling-high sandwiches until they can deliver them to the maître d'. Accidentally bumping into stuff loses you toppings, and valuable points, so players inevitably begin sabotaging each other's hamburgers by purposefully ramming into them.

The developers behind Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 definitely seem to recognize what makes the Wii appealing to people and are looking to nail all those elements. They're even copying the customizable personality of the Miis with a wide and pop culture-savvy assortment of Rabbid avatars to choose between - everything from a cowboy to Spider-Man.

Let's hope that the over 60 planned minigames offer an equal amount of variety, and that they're all as Wii-friendly, as the four we've enjoyed so far.