Qrth-phyl out now, instantly wins 'Best Xbox Live Indie Game In Bloody Ages' award

Qrth-phyl is a game and it has recently been released for PC and Xbox 360 Indies. It's an inspired re-imagining of archaic phone classic Snake, blended with the insatiable eating habits of Pac-Man. It's beautifully presented and a master class in visual and audio design cohesion. It's also really, really hard to stop playing. In recognition of the quality craftsmanship evident in Qrth-phyl, we are happy to award it the ‘Best Xbox Live Indie Game In Bloody Ages’ award, which is an award we just made up a second ago.

This is what Qrth-phyl looks like:

To heap even more good news upon this good news story, Qrth-phyl costs a mere 80 Microsoft Points. Which is equivalent to 69p. Which is equivalent to loose change. Which is equivalent to pretty much completely free. The PC version is slightly more expensive but still insanely cheap at £1.91 ($3). As if that’s not enough of a bargain, Qrth-phyl dev Hermit Games has bundled Qrth-phyl with two of its other titles -Fren-ze and Leave Home – for £3.18 ($5). Which, quite frankly, is mental good value. You can find full purchasing details at Hermit Games.