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    Pure Pool Trophies

    Pure Pool Trophy List

    Pure Trophy (Platinum):
    Win all the Pure Poolâ„¢ trophies

    8 Balled (Bronze):
    Win an 8-Ball game

    8-Ball Century (Silver):
    Win 100 games of 8-Ball

    9 Balled (Bronze):
    Win a 9-Ball game

    9-Ball Century (Silver):
    Win 100 games of 9-Ball

    Cue'd Up (Bronze):
    Complete the tutorial

    DNA Sample (Bronze):
    Download a players DNA

    Amateur 8-Ball Champ (Silver):
    Win the amateur 8-Ball career

    Pro 8-Ball Champ (Silver):
    Win the pro 8-Ball career

    Master 8-Ball Champ (Silver):
    Win the master 8-Ball career

    Amateur 9-Ball Champ (Silver):
    Win the amateur 9-Ball career

    Pro 9-Ball Champ (Silver):
    Win the pro 9-Ball career

    Master 9-Ball Champ (Silver):
    Win the master 9-Ball career

    Stars in Your Eyes (Silver):
    Win 100 Stars in career mode

    Mixed Accolades (Bronze):
    Gain 10 different accolades

    More Mixed Accolades (Silver):
    Gain 25 different accolades

    The Ultimate Accolade (Gold):
    Gain at least 1 of each accolade

    A Chain of Accolades (Bronze):
    Gain 10 accolades of the same type

    Accolade Century (Silver):
    Gain 100 accolades of the same type

    Challenge Accepted (Bronze):
    Play 4 different challenges

    Pure Pool Talented (Bronze):
    Reach 'Talented' rank

    Pure Pool Pro (Bronze):
    Reach 'Pro' rank

    Pure Pool Veteran (Silver):
    Reach 'Veteran' rank

    Pure Pool Grand Master (Gold):
    Reach 'Grand Master' rank

    Almost an angel (Bronze):
    Win 3 consecutive games of 8-Ball without fouling

    Ricochet (Bronze):
    Pot 3 or more balls off the break

    Did you mean to do that? (Bronze):
    Win by the opponent potting the black illegally

    Perfect indeed! (Bronze):
    Clear the table in the Perfect Potter challenge

    Don't give up your day job! (Silver):
    8 ball your opponent in a game of 8 Ball

    Get out of that one. (Bronze):
    Put an opponent in a snooker

    That the best you've got? (Bronze):
    Get out of a snooker

    Banked It! (Bronze):
    Play a bank shot and pot

    Bank Rolled! (Silver):
    Win a game with a bank shot

    Doubled (Bronze):
    Play a double shot and pot

    They're seeing double! (Silver):
    Win a game with a double shot

    The bigger they are.. (Bronze):
    Beat a player with a higher rank

    Racking them up (Bronze):
    Complete a 3 online game win streak

    On a Roll (Bronze):
    Complete a 6 online game win streak

    Showing them how it's done (Bronze):
    Complete a 9 online game win streak

    Putting it Out There (Bronze):
    Issue a challenge

    Whirlwind (Bronze):
    Clear the table in 8-Ball in less than 70 seconds

    Can I Have My Ball Back? (Bronze):
    Knock a ball off the table

    Winning the Hard Way (Silver):
    Win a game of 9-Ball with the 1-Ball still on the table

    League of Your Own (Bronze):
    Create a pool league

    In different league (Bronze):
    Win a pool league