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P.T./Silent Hills demo walkthrough

You're now in an even redder corridor with a strange voice speaking on the radio.


This next corridor is a longer version in red and you can run. Note the weird paintings on the walls.

Keep going along this corridor until you reach the outside of a closed bathroom with a painting on the floor, to reveal a spyhole where it previously hung.

Use R3 to look through the spyhole and listen until you get pushed back into the corridor.

Note the new message that has appeared above the spyhole.

Go into the now open bathroom and listen to a message from the foetus in the sink.


Keep walking around as the camera gets increasingly distorted.

Eventually one of several different crash screens will appear.

Method 1:

Wait until the clock chimes midnight, then start playing this video (also embedded below) through your headset and repeat until you hear a baby giggle. Weird, but this has been tested multiple times and it works!

Next, take exactly 10 steps forwards then stop--you should hear a second baby giggle. If not, try again and listen carefully to your footsteps to make sure you get the right number.

Method 2:

Wait until the clock chimes midnight, then take exactly 10 steps forwards and stop--you should hear a baby giggle straight away. If not, try again and count your footsteps.

Next, wait for a haunting to happen (weird sounds building up from the background) then say the name "Jarith" into the headset. You may need to repeat this several times and wait a few seconds for it to register, but it does work.

Whichever method you follow, a short time later the pad should start vibrating--stand still when this happens and wait for a third giggle to be heard followed by the telephone ringing. Walk over to it, zoom in by holding R3 and answer it to hear the message "You've been chosen".

Now head through the LOOP door one final time to trigger a cutscene and the big final reveal--congratulations!

Iain Wilson
Iain Wilson

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