PSN name changes could finally be on the way, according to new report


One of the most-requested features from PlayStation owners has been the ability to change their PlayStation Network ID. After all, nobody wants to be known as xX_iNoScoPedUrMom_Xx their whole life, right? Okay, maybe some people do - but for the rest of us, there's good news. According to a Kotaku report, you'll soon be able to request a PSN name change.

Four anonymous sources, all said to be working at different game studios, told Kotaku they are currently in the midst of fixing bugs and tweaking their games so that they are compatible with Sony's future plans. One reportedly shared a photo from Sony internal documents, showing an "edit username" option on a sample PSN profile (the image was not shared by Kotaku).

There's no exact word on when this option would arrive, but there are a few context clues: first, if Sony is giving developers a heads-up and sending out documents regarding the feature, it's likely not far off. Second, Sony chairman Shawn Layden told Greg Miller at PlayStation Experience 2017 that he hoped the question of "when will we be able to change our PSN ID" wouldn't need to be asked at the next PSX.

Though PSX 2018 was recently confirmed as cancelled, I'd wager that still means we're looking at the PSN name change feature going live before the year is out. Sony has finally started to allow Fortnite PS4 cross play, so there's added incentive to put your best foot forward. Plus, a PSN name change sure would make a good Christmas present so I don't have to play online as... well, I'm not going to tell you my gamer handle, but I will say I made it when I was a teenager, and it's not quite the representation of self I'd like it to be.

After all, the PlayStation Network launched more than a decade ago, in November 2006. We've grown up since then - shouldn't our screen names?

While we continue to wait for this much-requested option, you can get the most out of the features you have now with our PS4 setup tricks and tip guide.