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PS5 restock date: when will new console deals arrive?

PS5 restock date
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Even though it's been quiet this week in terms of a PS5 restock date (apart from a few drops at Sony Direct, anyway), that'll change soon. Due to trends over the last few months, we're pretty confident that Walmart will get more units in this Thursday while Best Buy will follow on Friday. And if it doesn't end up happening, we'd always recommend checking in on the retailers listed below - they often get stock without warning. As an example, GameStop had an Xbox restock today so it's possible that the chain will be offering a few PlayStation 5 units as well.

Why are we so confident about a PS5 restock date, though? It's because stock drops have appeared very consistently at the same stores on the same days and at the same time. Namely, Best Buy always seems to get units every Friday from around 12pm EST. As for Walmart, it has launched offers each Thursday for weeks at roughly 2pm - 3pm EST. Target is harder to predict, but it has a habit of dropping on Thursdays as well. 

Across the pond, more and more European Amazon stores have been getting PS5s (plus, Amazon UK also got a rush of Xbox Series X systems earlier on April 21). We've got our fingers crossed that an Amazon UK PS5 restock date won't be far behind as a result. We can't say for certain when it'll happen, but it's probably going to be before 9am GMT.

PS5 restock at Amazon

Amazon is very, very overdue a stock drop. Even though those rumors of 46,000 PS5s didn't come true (we're still bitter, to tell the truth), the retailer hasn't had the console in for ages. That means it could appear at any possible moment. Keep an eye on the links below as a result.

PS5 ($499) | Check at Amazon
This offer gets you the standard, 'full-fat' PS5 console - more specifically, it comes with a disc drive. Because it's the most popular version, it's also the hardest to find. If it appears on Amazon, don't hesitate. Grab it straight away!View Deal

PS5 Digital Edition ($399) | Check at Amazon
This version looks very similar to the normal PS5, but there's one key difference: it doesn't have a disc drive. That means you can't play game discs, DVDs, or Blu-ray movies on it. Instead, they all have to be bought digitally via the PlayStation Store. Digital games can be pricier than disc alternatives, so it's definitely a factor to bear in mind when considering which PS5 you want to buy.
View Deal

PS5 restock retailers to keep checking

PS5 restock dates are all over the place at the moment. To be precise, Sony Direct offered a small number of units this week and GameStop had more than a few bundles available last Wednesday. Meanwhile, Target missed last week but generally tends to drop stock on Thursday. 

That means you should watch out for the retailer links below and check in every day or so. You never know when you might get lucky!

PS5 - $499

PS5 Digital Edition - $399

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