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PS3 will beat PS2's lifetime sales

SCEE president David Reeves spoke of Sony's belief that PS3 will eventually outstrip total lifetime sales of the phenomenally successful PS2.

PS3 may have got off to a slow start but Reeves says: "The PS3 install base is growing faster that the PS2's was at this point in its lifecycle."

He added: "The next five years are going to be turbulent. But I think it is going to be the most exciting period that we have ever seen in the past ten years of video games," he added.

Sony's hopes come despite Wii's general dominance in the hardware market. But Reeves speaks positively of competition. "We welcome all competition. Whatever happens, we are all going to do well. We should celebrate the growth of the industry," said Reeves at a recent conference, according to industry mag MCV.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 20, 2008