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Project Origin

Dec 24, 2007

Earlier this month we posted ourfirst impressionsof the spiritual successor to FEAR. We’ve since had a chance to ruminate a bit more on the shooter that will be making us all scream like, and because of, little girls.

The outstanding memory we have of FEAR wasn’t the all-pervading atmosphere - although it was creepy - but the intimidation we felt as we pitted ourselves against some genuinely sharp, crafty enemies. For Project Origin, developer Monolith is currently refining that impressive AI still further, so as well as coming across individually clever soldiers (human this time, as opposed to Paxton Fettel’s vampish clones) and less natural foes, you’ll be taking on squads displaying some frightening teamwork abilities. Enemies will display an even greater tendency to flank you, pin you down under fire and surround you. They’ll communicate better, with the terrifying side effect of mangled radio chatter hanging in the air, and create a real sense of you battling a well-drilled, single-minded group of opponents.