Pre-E3 06: Just Cause

We'll just get the obvious out of the way - Just Cause is essentiallya prettier, slightly more featured version of Grand Theft Auto,sipping an umbrella drink. You've got the massive, open-ended environments, 180 land, sea and air vehicles to play with and countless thugs who all want you dead. So what's the hook? You've got the unofficial backing of the United States and a big ol' tropical playground to blow apart.

And ironically enough, it's literally a hook that makes the game move. If you see a car zipping past, just point your collapsible, malleable grappling hook at it and boom - you're reeling yourself onto the roof. Or you can opt for an airborne assault by launching your permanently attached parachute and paraglide your way across the island - all 250 thousand square acres of it.

Why do you have these wonderful toys? You're Rico Rodriguez, an undercover CIA agent who's trying to secretly overthrow the oppressive, tumultuous government of San Esperito. Seems they might be hiding nukes, and with rival factions already planning their own violent coups, you need to start some serious infighting and secure the island.

Luckily, Just Cause lets you unleash your ordered chaos in just about any way you can plot it. You can hop from motorcycles to jets to rusted old beaters - though we were honestly more surprised by Rico's aerial stunts than the standard-issue transportation. Do you go for the straight-and-narrow accomplishment, or weave together an elaborate battle plan that would make James Bond blush? From what we've seen, Just Cause doesn't skimp on options.