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  • GBA | Submitted by pokemon master

    Get Baby Typlosion

    Put vulpix and typlosion with the guy who trains your pokemon. Get an egg, let it hatch and get a vulpix then do the same thing with the baby vulpix. Get an egg, let it hatch you get a baby typlosion!

  • GBA | Submitted by toolbox

    get tm07(rock smash)

    After getting Sudowoodo go right and talk to the first male and you will recieve tm07

  • GBA | Submitted by Nathan A.

    How to Ceatch Entei, Suigune, and Raikou

    Use Max Repel or Super Repel in grassy areas to keep away all the pokemon except one of the three pokemon. Try to use one of Kurt's Fast Balls to catch one of the pokemon.

  • GBA | Submitted by Jake

    Get Togepi

    When you first visit Profesor Elm he will ask you to visit Mr.Pokemon and choose a starting pokemon. When you get to Mr.Pokemon he will give you a pokemon egg. Return to Prof. Elm then he'll take the egg. after you beat the first gym leader go to the pokemon center and Elm's assistant will give you the egg. When it hatches it will be Togepi.

  • GBA | Submitted by mirek

    Easy Way to Catch Lugia!

    First, get 10 ultra balls and surf to Whirl Island and go to exit 3(the right one and closest to Olivine City). Go to the up one ladder "F" then go down to ladder "H." Surf down until you reach the end of the rocks and turn left. Enter "I" Tunnel, then save! Surf up to him and press a button. (BEST pokemon for catching LUGIA: Feraligetr: WATER, ELECTRIC, level 45-75 and when lugia uses safeguard you only can catch him with a master ball. If you use ultra ball wait until it fades, then keep using ultra balls!)

  • GBA | Submitted by Anonymous

    Clone Pokemon and Item

    You need to have the pokemon you want to clone with you. Go to a Pokemon Center, then go to the PC. Deposit the pokemon you want to clone (if you want to duplicate an item give the pokemon that item). Then change box. When the game starts to save shut the gameboy off. (When you're doing this do not withdraw any pokemon because if you do it will be gone forever)

  • GBA | Submitted by Master Mind

    Two New Eevee Eevolutions

    After you get Eevee from Bill and you want the evil Eevee, then when its night go to the underground tunnel and go to the guy that makes people happier. Tell him you want Eevee happier. Only do that once a night. Do that 3 nights. Then fight with him. He should evolve when he raises a level. Than to get the good Eevee do the same thing but during daylight. If you do the bad one he will not act evil to you.

  • GBA | Submitted by Master Mind

    Get Free Eevee

    When you reach to Kogane city go up from the pokecenter. From there take the first left and go straight. Then go down and go in the first house to the left. It should be Bill's house. Go inside and talk to him and he will have a Evee for you but you must have a extra spot for Evee so only have 5 pokemon with you. He should be at level 20

  • GBA | Submitted by urme

    Get HM-06

    Go to Prof. Elm and then go buy TM6 then use it on a pidgy then it will turn into HM06 (HM06 contains every move, even ones TMs can't teach) (One more note. You can teach it to any pkmn even if it's not compatible with the move and you choose what move you will teach your pkmn.)

  • GBA | Submitted by tool box

    Catch Sudowoodo

    To catch Sudowoodo, get the watering can from house next to the gym, then put Sudowoodo to sleep (make sure its hp is low).

  • GBA | Submitted by JC

    Pokemon Hints

    1. Buruki
    Go to the city with the fourth gym. Go inside the second cave and turn to the right and Surf.
    Go to the top and enter the other cave that is there and make your way around the mazes and talk to the karate character that is there.

    Defeat him and to will get Buruki.

    Make sure you have an open space in your Pokemon holder.

    2. Denryuu
    If you want a Pokemon rumored to be a pre-evolution of Dratini (Denryuu), do not try to de-evolve Dratini.
    Instead, go to the route after Kickyou City towards the Connection Cave and try to capture the electric sheep, Meripu.

    Let it grow to level 15. It will evolve into a pink sheep.

    Train it to level 30 to get Denryuu.

    3. Gold Gyarados
    Go to the fourth gym and Surf right all the way. You will Surf in the water, where you should see a Gyarados. Battle it and it will be golden.

    4. Haganal
    Equip the Metal Coat on Onix and trade it to another GameBoy. It will evolve into Haganal.

    5. Hou-Hou (Gold version)
    Go to the city with the fourth gym.
    Go inside the house with another house beside it. Climb up and enter the other big house. Climb up until you get to Hou-Hou.

    6. Hou-Hou (Silver version)
    Go to Pewter City and talk to the old man that walks around. He will give you a gold feather. Go to the place where Hou-Hou is located in the Gold version to find it.

    7. Kirehana
    Give Gloom a Solar Stone and it will evolve into a Kirehana. You cannot evolve Kirehana into Vileplume.

    8. Lapras
    Enter the cave in the second city and Surf. You should be able to see Lapras. Note: There is only one.

    9. Lugia (Silver version)
    Learn HM06 (Whirlpool) and go to the place where you received the fifth badge. Destroy a whirlpoor and enter the cave. Go through the maze and you will reach Lugia.

    10. Lugia (Gold version)
    Go to Pewter City and talk to the old man. He will give you a silver feather. Now go to the place where Lugia is located in the Gold version to find it.

    11. Gold Magikarp
    Breed the golden Gyarados with a regular Gyarados to get a golden Magikarp.

    12. Silver Ryhorn
    Go to the cave where you go to get to the Elite Five and you should encounter a silver Ryhorn.

    13. Three legendary dogs
    Go to the city with the fourth gym and enter the big house. Break the rocks and fall down one of the holes to wake them up. Now go outside and try to find them in the wild.

    14. Togepi
    Defeat the first gym and go into the Pokecenter. Talk to the scientist and he will give you a egg. After 5,000 steps, it will hatch into Togepi.

    15. Yadoking
    Equip Symbol Of King on Slowpoke and trade it into another GameBoy. It will evolve into Yadoking.

    16. Female Mr. Mime (Gold version)
    Go to Saffron City before fighting Sabrina. Challenge Sabrina to discover that her Mr. Mime is female.

    17. Enjyu City battle (Gold version)
    When you go to Enjyu City, go to the tower and your rival will appear, but will not battle. However, if you first heal your Pokemon at the Pokecenter, defeat the Ghost Gym Leader, and then go to that tower, your rival will talk to you and fight.

    18. Monorail ticket
    Go to Saffron City and talk to the girl copycat. Fly to Vermilion City and talk to everyone in the house where you received the bike voucher. Someone will give you the Clefairy doll. Take it to the copycat to get the monorail ticket.

    19. Annon Pokedex
    Solve the Kabuto puzzle.
    The rest will require the HM for Surf, found in Enjyu City, TM 08 (Rock Breaker), and the HM for Strength. Surf down by the Ancient Ruins (below Kickyou City) and solve the puzzle there.

    Just put in the corner pieces first.

    Now go to the Connection Cave. Walk around and find the Pokemaniac. If you have not defeated him then fight him. Now surf in the waters near him.

    You will have to return here twice.

    Break the rock you find and solve the puzzle. Now return, move the boulder and solve the last puzzle.

    Catch the different Annon and then exit the ruins.

    Talk to the scientist near the cave and he will give you a complimentary Annon Pokedex.

    20. Anno'un Music
    While in the Alpha Ruins southeast of Kikyou city go to the Pokegear option in the menu screen. Go to the radio option and on the fourteenth to the twentieth channel you can find a station.
    This is the Ann'oun Music.

    It can only be heard at Alpha Ruins.

    21. Starting Pokemon (Gold version)
    Select one of the following to get your first Pokemon:
    Chicorita: a Grass type
    Waninoko: a Water type
    Hinorashi: a Fire type

    22. Breeding evolutions
    Breed two Pikachus to get Pichu.
    Breed two Electabuzzes and you get Eleckid.
    Breed two Clefairies and you get Pi.
    Breed two Jigglypuffs and you get Pipurin.
    Breed two Magmars and you get Magar.

    23. Orange League Trainer tactics (Gold version)
    Use the following Pokemon types to battle the indicated Trainer:

    Neiteio: Use Psychic or Fire type
    Slowbro: Use Psychic type
    Neiteio: Use Psychic or Fire type
    Jynx: Use Psychic type
    Exeggutor: Use Fire type


    Araidosu: Use Psychic or Fire type
    Venomoth: Use Fire type
    Muk: Use Psychic type
    Kuroba: Use Psychic or Fire type
    Fuoretosu: Use Psychic or Fire type


    Kaporea: Use Psychic or Grass type
    Hitmonchan: Use Psychic type
    Hitmonlee: Use Psychic type
    Machamp: Use Psychic type
    Onix: Use Grass type


    Burakki: Use Psychic or Fire type
    Vileplume: Use Fire type
    Gengar: Use Psychic type
    Yamikarasu: Use Psychic or Fire type
    Heruga: Use Psychic or Fire type


    Gyrados: Use Grass type
    Dragonite: Use Electric type
    Dragonite: Use Electric type
    Dragonite: Use Electric type
    Aerodactyl: Use Grass type
    Charizard: Use Water type

    24. Gym Leader tactics (Gold version)
    Use the following Pokemon types to battle the indicated Gym Leaders:
    Hayato (for Wind Badge)

    Pidgey: Use Electric type
    Pidgeotto: Use Electric type

    Unknown (for Insect Badge)

    Metapod: Use Fire type
    Kakuna: Use Fire type
    Scyther: Use Fire type

    Akane (for Normal Badge)

    Clefairy: Use Psychic type
    Mirutanku: Use Psychic type

    Unknown (for Phantom Badge)

    Ghastly: Use Psychic type
    Haunter: Use Psychic type
    Gengar: Use Psychic type
    Haunter: Use Psychic type

    Unknown (for Shock Badge)

    Primeape: Use Psychic type
    Poliwrath: Use Grass type

    Mikan (for Steel Badge)

    Magnemite: Use Fighting type
    Magnemite: Use Fighting type
    Haganail: Use Fighting type

    Unknown (for Ice Badge)

    Seel: Use Electric type
    Dewgong: Use Electric type
    Inomu: Use Electric type

    Ibuki (for Raging Badge)

    Dragonair: Use Fire type
    Dragonair: Use Fire type
    Kingudora: Use Fire type
    Dragonite: Use Fire type

    Lt. Surge (for Orange Badge)

    Raichu: Use Fighting type
    Magneton: Use Fighting type
    Electabuzz: Use Fighting type
    Electrode: Use Fighting type
    Electrode: Use Fighting type

    Sabrina (for Gold Badge)

    Mr.Mime: Use Psychic type
    Alakazam: Use Psychic type
    Eifi: Use Psychic type

    Erika (for Rainbow Badge)

    Tangela: Use Fire type
    Victreebell: Use Fire type
    Vileplume: Use Fire type
    ????: Use Fire type

    Anzu (for ?)

    Kurobatto: Use Psychic or Fire type
    Ariadosu: Use Psychic or Fire type
    Weezing: Use Psychic type
    Weezing: Use Psychic type
    Venomoth: Use Fire type

    Brock (for ?)

    Graveler: Use Grass type
    Onix: Use Grass type
    Rhyhorn: Use Grass type
    Omastar: Use Grass type
    Kabutops: Use Grass type

    Blane (for ?)

    Magakarugo: Use Water type
    Rapidash: Use Water type
    Magmar: Use Water type

    Gary (for ?)

    Pidgeot: Use Electric type
    Alakazam: Use Psychic type
    Exeguttor: Use Fire type
    Rhydon: Use Grass type
    Arcanine: Use Water type

    Ash Ketchum (Final battle for bragging rights)

    Pikachu: Use Fighting type
    Efi: Use Psychic type
    Blastiose: Use Electric type
    Venusaur: Use Fire type
    Charizard: Use Water type
    Snorlax: Use Fighting type

  • GBA | Submitted by flameleon


    After you got breeding center, breed pikachu and electabuzz and pikachu as pedigree. And it will say PikaElectra!!

  • GBA | Submitted by anonymous

    Clone Any Pokemon

    To clone any pokemon in Gold/Silver, breed it with Ditto. Ditto will breed with any pokemon regardless of type.

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    View Pokemon 152-251 (Courtesy Pokemon3d.com)

    Just click a link below (Japanese Naming)





    Chicory-ta Beirifu Mekaniumu Hinoarashi Magumarashi





    Bakufaan Waninoco Alligats Odairu Otachi





    Ootachi Itomall Ariadosu







    Kuroba Chonchi Randaan






    Pichu 1

    Pichu 2
    Pi Pupurin




    (Togepi's evolved form!)





    Neiti Neitio Meriipu Mokoko Denryuu









    (or Marrill)


    **spoiler, evolved Pikablu**







    Hanekko Popokko Watakko Eipamu Himanattsu





    Kimawari Yanyanma Upaa Nuoh Eebui





    Burakky Yamikarazu Slowking Muuma Annon





    Soonansu Kirinriki Kunugidama Foretosu Nokotchi





    Guraiga Haganeru Snubbles Guranburu Hariisen





    Hassamu Subotsubo Herakurosu Nyuura Himeguma





    Ringuma Magumaggu Magukarogu Urimuu Inomuu





    Saniigo Teppouo Okutan Deribaato Mantain





    Eaamudo Derubiru Helgaa Kingudoro Gomazou





    Porygon 2 Odoshishi Doburu





    Kapoera Machul Elekid

    Elekid 2
    Booby Mirutanke





    Hapinasu Raikou Entei Suikun Yookirasu





    Sanagirasu Bangirasu Lugia Houou Serebii

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Pokemon American and Japanese Names

    # English Japanese
    152 Chikorita Chikolita
    153 Bayleef Beifiru
    154 Meganium Meganiumi
    155 Cyndaquil Hinoarashi
    156 Quilava Magumarashi
    157 Typhlosion Bakufun
    158 Totodile Waninoko
    159 Croconaw Arigeitsu
    160 Feraligator Odairu
    161 Sentret Otachi
    162 Furret Ootachi
    163 Hoothoot Hoho
    164 Noctowl Yorunozuku
    165 Ledyba Redeiba
    166 Ledian Redeian
    167 Spinarak Itomaru
    168 Ariados Araidosu
    169 Crobat Kuroba
    170 Chinchou Chonchi
    171 Lanturn Rantan
    172 Pichu Pichu
    173 Cleffa Pi
    174 Igglybuff Pupurin
    175 Togepi Togepi
    176 Togetic Togechikku
    177 Natu Neitei
    178 Xatu Neiteio
    179 Mareep Meripu
    180 Flaaffy Mokoko
    181 Ampharos Denryuu
    182 Bellossom Kireihana
    183 Marill Mariru
    184 Azumarill Mariruri
    185 Sudowoodo Usokki
    186 Politoed Myorotono
    187 Hoppip Hanekko
    188 Skiploom Popo
    189 Jumpluff Watakko
    190 Aipom Eipamu
    191 Sunkern Himanattsu
    192 Sunflora Kimawari
    193 Yanma Yanyanma
    194 Wooper Upa
    195 Quagsire Nuo
    196 Espeon Efui
    197 Umbreon Burakki
    198 Murkrow Yamikarasu
    199 Slowking Yadokingu
    200 Misdreavus Muuma
    201 Unown Annon
    202 Wobbuffet Sonansu
    203 Girafarig Kirinriki
    204 Pineco Kunugidama
    205 Forrestress Fuoretosu
    206 Dunsparce Nokocchi
    207 Gligar Guraiga
    208 Steelix Haganeru
    209 Snubbull Buru
    210 Granbull Guranburu
    211 Qwilfish Harisen
    212 Scizor Hassamu
    213 Shuckle Tsubotsubo
    214 Heracross Herakuroso
    215 Sneasel Nyura
    216 Teddiursa Himeguma
    217 Ursaring Ringuma
    218 Slugma Magumaggu
    219 Magcargo Magukarugo
    220 Swinub Urimu
    221 Poliswine Inomu
    222 Corsola Sanigo
    223 Remoraid Teppouo
    224 Octillery Okutan
    225 Delibird Deribado
    226 Mantine Maintain
    227 Skarmory Eamudo
    228 Houndour Derubiru
    229 Houndoom Heruga
    230 Kingdra Kingudora
    231 Phanpy Gomazou
    232 Donphan Donfuyan
    233 Porygon2 Porygon2
    234 Stantler Odoshishi
    235 Smeargle Doburu
    236 Tyrogue Baruki
    237 Hitmontop Kapoera
    238 Smoochum Muchura
    239 Elekid Erekiddo
    240 Magby Bubii
    241 Miltank Mirutanku
    242 Blissy Hapinasu
    243 Raikou Raikou
    244 Entei Entei
    245 Suicune Suikun
    246 Larvitar Yogirasu
    247 Pupitar Sanagirasu
    248 Tyranitar Bangirasu
    249 Lugia Lugia
    250 Ho-Oh Houou
    251 Selebi Serebeii