Pokemon Black and White Pokedex - Mienfoo, Mienshao

#125 Unova / #619 National
Species classification: Martial Arts Pokemon
Inner Focus – Prevents user from flinching
Regenerator – Restores 1/3 HP when user switches out
Dream World ability: Reckless – Increases power of moves with recoil damage
Location found (Black/White): Dragonspiral Tower, Victory Road, Route 14
Wild hold items: None
Egg groups: Ground, Humanshape
Capture rate: 180
Gender ratio: 50/50
Effort values: 1 Attack
Evolution family: Mienfoo >Mienshaoat level 50

Of all the pure Fighting-types in Black and White, Mienfoo and Mienshao are the most elegant. Although Fighting-types are normally purely offensive, the Regenerator ability works beautifully in conjunction with Mienshao's awesome speed stat. Paired with the Bug-type move U-turn, Mienshao can function as a scout for your team, simultaneously doing damage with U-turn and regaining health while switching out.