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Pick up a cheap smartwatch deal this winter to upgrade your tech setup

Pick up a cheap smartwatch deal this winter to upgrade your tech setup
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Maybe Boxing Day and after Christmas smartwatch deals aren't the first thing you think of when it comes to gaming tech, but there's few things you can wear that feel more like they belong in a video game, am I right? Plus, they integrate seamlessly into your overall smart tech and gaming setups, so if you got one our best gaming phones or best gaming tablets for Christmas, you'll want to read on. Snagging a cool and cheap smartwatch deal in the days after Christmas means you can link your tech together for a reasonable price. 

Diving into the smartwatch world can definitely be overwhelming - it's not just about about the most popular smartwatches these days, but 'regular' watch brands are stepping into the ring as well. Which one is the right choice for you? That's why we're here, we'll help you find the latest prices on the main models and variants of smartwatches. And considering they aren't consoles or brand-new phones, smartwatch deals are ripe for the picking during this time of year. That means now is the time to buy them.

And before we dive into the best smartwatch deals, you should think about any other tech purchases you may want to snatch up before the deals fade away. Maybe one of the best PS4 headsets for a more immersive audio experience during your battle royale matches? Or perhaps one of the best Xbox One external hard drives so you don't have to keep freeing up space every time you want to download some content? It's also worth checking out the best gaming TVs so you can you make the most of your at-home entertainment experience.

Apple Watches

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Apple Watches will offer that flawless performance known to many and, obviously, these are the best companions for those who are already 'in' the Apple ecosystem. The Series 5 is indeed the latest and greatest and will offer a few more unique advantages over the slightly older models, giving you more on-board storage and a few minor improvements, but both the Series 4 and Series 3 are quality smartwatches too and will actually probably offer better deals right now as well.

Samsung Galaxy Watches

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The natural alternative to Apple Watches to those that are fans of Android and have Android phones and tablets. The Samsung watches are held in very high regard and our friends over at Techradar rate them so highly that the Samsung Galaxy Watch pips the Apple Watch 5 to the top of their rankings. I got one of these during the other sales period so can wholeheartedly recommend them. Elsewhere, the Watch Active and Active 2 offer slightly cheaper alternatives with a sportier edge.

Fitbit Watches

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Extending beyond just the fitness element, Fitbit also makes some solid smartwatches that cross over seamlessly between fitness tracker and digital lifestyle companion. They also have the benefit of not being absolutely wallet-destroyingly expensive too, offering a great balance between performance, quality and value.

Fossil Watches

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Known for style in their normal range of watches, Fossil's smartwatches are great bits of kit. If style is your main draw then you'll want to consider these for sure. Offering a good balance between fitness-focus and digital integration and performance, these mid-range watches offer excellent value whenever they are reduced from their already-good price tags.

Garmin Watches

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Some of the favorites among sports players and runners, Garmin's smartwatches are terrific for those on the go and who want to keep on top of their fitness game. From entry-level running watches to more comprehensive and powerful options like the Vivoactive, Garmin makes some great smartwatches you can have confidence in. 

Amazfit Bip watches

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Offering a very cost effective way into smartwatches, the Amazfit Bip is a great little model. Offering GPS, heart rate monitoring and an apparent 30-day battery life, the Bip promises to pack a lot into its tiny price tag. It' not a high performer like Samsung or Apple watches but it's so much cheaper and will serve you pretty well if you're looking to try one out and avoid a big price tag.

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