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Pay tribute to your Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp buddies by picking up an Amiibo triple pack for $9.97 (was $24.99)

You might be home for the holidays, but you're likely spending more time with your virtual town's animal villagers than your actual, real-world family. Nintendo's newest mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, debuted on November 22 - and even though it's mere days old, it already has legions of AC fans enthralled with establishing, furnishing, and showing off their very own campsite.

Animal Crossing amiibo 3-Pack with Cyrus, KK Slider, and Reese $9.97 (was $24.99): Snag some of AC's most iconic characters, with the lovable alpaca couple of Cyrus and Reese and the serenading song writer KK Slider, all bundled together.

Pocket Camp may also be the first introduction for many to the wonderful world of Animal Crossing and its adorable denizens, some of whom are recurring characters from throughout the series. And if you or someone you know is currently head over heels for Pocket Camp, you're probably getting that itch right now to snap up some AC merchandise. Well, you're in luck - because Black Friday gaming deals bring with them plenty of discounted amiibo figures, so you can pay homage to these cheery critters with your own little plastic statues on the cheap. Once you've picked these up as part of your collection (or as holiday gifts for your AC-loving associates), be sure to check out the best Nintendo Switch deals as well.

Isabelle (winter outfit) amiibo $7.99 (was $13.99): Your trusty assistant and one of the cheeriest game characters in existence! Ensure she's always by your side with this amiibo.

Mabel amiibo $7.99 (was $13.99): This perky fashionista and unmistakable blue hedgehog (second only to Sonic) could be your clothing muse in amiibo form.

Kapp'n amiibo $7.99 (was $13.99): Just one look at this mellowed-out turtle sailor's expression, and you'll be lulled by memories of sweet sea shanties.

Blathers amiibo $7.99 (was $13.99): The kooky museum curator and wise old owl is a lot less talkative in amiibo form, but no less charming.

Tom Nook amiibo $3.97 (was $13.99): This notorious loan shark - or, more accurately, loan raccoon - is so infamous that his amiibo costs next to nothing. But hey, that puts him within impulse purchase range!