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Overwatch Mythbusters is a treasure trove of dumb-but-fun tips

You can debate whether a game that technically came out yesterday can truly have "myths" yet, but Overwatch players have had plenty of time to come up with Pertinent Questions at the very least.

Are two Lucio healing songs better than one? Can you make a self-repairing turret by building it on a health pack spawner? Can you still turn basketballs into rolling deathtraps? The creators of Fallout 4 Mythbusters have turned their attention to Blizzard's hot new online shooter for answers.

I'm not the only one who was massively disappointed when Glacier Mei didn't smoosh Reaper like the boot in Grape Escape, right? I really do hope Blizzard patches that in, if only to round out future sets of Overwatch highlights.

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