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Outpost Kaloki X - Xbox Live Arcade review

Take tycoon madness to another world


  • Fast-paced challenges
  • Plenty of building modules
  • Wacky characters


  • Those are 1080i graphics?
  • Repetitive soundtrack
  • Disposable storyline

If you've already mastered mayoring Sim City and you've long since established your dominance as a rollercoaster tycoon, it's time to take your skills to new heights - like into orbit. In Outpost Kaloki X, you'll micromanage space stations to nurture nature, build businesses and establish espionage, all while attempting to rescue a ditsy princess from the evils of the universe.

More Info

DescriptionIn space, no one can hear you micromanage a business. Then again, nobody can hear you smile either. Budding galactic tycoons will dig this.
PlatformXbox 360
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date22 November 2005 (US), 22 November 2005 (UK)