No More Heroes is more punk than the Pistols

It's decadently violent

In No More Heroes you kill a lot of people. That’s about it. But the game recognises that that’s about all it needs to be and shamelessly revels in the carnage rather than adding too much else to the mix. Suda51 could have pandered to the idea that modern games have to be complex to be worthwhile but much like Travis, he seems to have taken an attitude of “Why bother complicating things when the killing is so much fun?” He knows that when a game gives you a beam katana to play with, you’re going to want to use it. A lot. So he lets you.

On paper, No More Heroes’ gameplay could be seen as a bit one-note. While there are GTA-lite sections in between missions during which you’re free to ride Travis’ vast motorcycle around town picking up freelance side-quests in order to make more money for better weapons and clothes, the actual missions largely revolve around carving your way through legions of foot soldiers before taking on the level’s boss. So far we haven’t found anything in the way of platforming, puzzling, or any of the other bells and whistles that frequently crop up in action games, but so far, we really haven’t cared.