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Ninja Gaiden Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ryu

    Mission Mode

    To unlock mission mode you must beat the game on normal or hard mode.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Plasma Saber

    Beat the game using normal or hard difficulty

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Plasma Saber Mk 2

    Beat the game using Very hard difficulty

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock New Outfit

    Beat the game using normal or hard difficulty then while selecting "New Game" Hold the L button

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Very Hard Difficulty

    Beat the game using normal or hard difficulty

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock All Movies (FMV's)

    Beat the game using normal or hard difficulty

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Ninja Gaiden 1

    Give 50 scarabs to Maramusa

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of Chaos

    Use normal mode and get Master Ninja on each level

Ninja Gaiden Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by SCreesa

    Codes for Classic Ninja Gaiden

    L X A Y A X - Skip to Act 1 in Ninja Gaiden 1
    A A B X Y R - Skip to Act 1 in Ninja Gaiden 2
    B Y R L X A - Skip to Act 1 in Ninja Gaiden 3

    A X X R Y A - Skip to Act 2 in Ninja Gaiden 1
    X L R B B A - Skip to Act 2 in Ninja Gaiden 2
    A R R Y A L - Skip to Act 2 in Ninja Gaiden 3

    X Y B R L X - Skip to Act 3 in Ninja Gaiden 1
    L Y B A R R - Skip to Act 3 in Ninja Gaiden 2
    L B R Y L Y - Skip to Act 3 in Ninja Gaiden 3

    B R A B Y Y - Skip to Act 4 in Ninja Gaiden 1
    A L X Y Y B - Skip to Act 4 in Ninja Gaiden 2
    R R B A Y X - Skip to Act 4 in Ninja Gaiden 3

    X A Y X L L Skip to Act 5 in Ninja Gaiden 1
    R A A B X L Skip to Act 5 in Ninja Gaiden 2
    Y A B X R X Skip to Act 5 in Ninja Gaiden 3

    R Y R L A X - Skip to Act 6 in Ninja Gaiden 1
    Y L R A Y R - Skip to Act 6 in Ninja Gaiden 2
    B X X A X Y - Skip to Act 6 in Ninja Gaiden 3

    B B X Y A L - Skip to Act 7 in Ninja Gaiden 2
    X R X Y Y L - Skip to Act 7 in Ninja Gaiden 3

Ninja Gaiden Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kolton

    How To Beat the Final Boss

    The final boss in the game is Murai, the guy that you have to fight at the start. He is actually very simple. First you should have one great spirit elixir. You should also have a Devil Elixir to restore your Ninpo. Use either the frost Ninpo or the Lightning Ninpo . Murai will start with the Dark Dragon sword pointing down. When he turns the sword upright, jump towards him and press Y. Ryu will Flash blue and strike through Murai, taking away about a tenth of his health bar. After you do this, strike him twice with X and then use your Ninpo. He will back away and hold the sword upright. Attack him again and repeat this about ten times to beat him. It should only take you two tries at max.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jake

    How to Beat the Second Boss

    To beat the second boss you need the art of inferno. you just run up to him and jump and hit Y to stab down at him and keep repeating the art of inferno should be equipped if not then equip it it should automatically work then you might have to slice a bit more until you defeat him.

  • Xbox | Submitted by David

    Beating the Third Boss

    When you get to the hatch and you see the ugly dude. 1st he well charge up his gun. when he does that press a to jump when your in the air press y to use your attack (best to attack from back. he might shoot you. when your done with that he well try to hit you. so do a back jump by pressing down a. when he shoots just run around him. that's how I beat him.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kareem

    Beat Chapter 6, "The Monastery"

    Ok first you go into this door that leads into the alter (there are some chest. Then there is a brown door. Go into it. You will fight some monsters. After that go upstairs and u will find some items. Use the incendiary shukien to destroy a wall. Then go to the path that leads to the monk room. Get the statue that looks like a raptor. Then read the book on the table and unlock the safe and get the book of aeons. then go back to the alter and place the book of aeons on the alter. jump down and go through the door you will be followed by a large head. go down the path. once you are already down. use an elevator. go through opening and find vigorian fail. go through door and you will fight monsters once u killed them u will fight zombies

  • Xbox | Submitted by BAM

    Secret Weapons

    There are 7 Secret weapons in this game.

    1.The Dabilharo-A HUGE sword that is alot like the Hammer but looks alot cooler. You can earn it by giving The Shop keeper 20 gold Scarabs.

    2.The Kitetsu-Doku's Cursed sword that will drain your health unless you have the bracelet of Tranquility. (go down for that one)You get it after beating Doku.

    3.The Unlabored Flawwlessness-You know that weak looking wooden sword? If you Upgrade the wooden sword to the max it will turn into an extremely long very deadly sword.

    4.The Windmill Shuriken-A Huge shuriken that acts as a boomerang and inflicts more damage than the normal Shuriken. Find Han's Bar in Tairon and across from it will be a narrow alley. Use the continuous wall run on the blue lines to get to a ledge. A weird X machine and the new shurikens will be there.

    (these next few are bracelets, but they are VERY effective.

    5.Braclet of Benediction-Allows you to gather increase the number of yellow essence you gather while equipped. Get it by giving the shop keeper 15 golden scarabs

    6.Braclet of Fortune-Restores Your Ki gauge without having to gather the Ki from somewhere else-(red elixer, red essence, etc..)
    Use this by giving 30 gold scarabs to the Shop keeper.

    7.Braclet of Tranquility-This is the Ultimate braclet. It recovers Your health-(As long as you dont die)-After ANY BATTLE! It also allows you to wield the Kitetsu without the cursed blade leeching your life! Although if you are wielding Kitetsu while wearing the braclet,your healing powers wont work until you put the Kitetsu away!Earn by giving 40 gold scarabs to the shop keeper

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to Beat Alma!

    This sounds too good to b true but its true be very sure to dodge every single throw she goes at u with be very careful when she pull parts of the monastery apart and throws them at you. and her 4 little pink balls just keep running and jumping to dodge those. and when she is straight in the air and does that one thing when she takes u into the ball run and jump when she tries. anyway when she is in the air and is just sitting there use the jump and stab technique which u stab through the air then chop the crap out of her with your sword when she drops down but u have limited time to hit her so be quick about it.
    and if u have the fireball ninpo attack still equipped be sure to use that when she is in the air or on the ground it hits her back also for some quick hits. ( you can also hit her on the ground with the sword if she is walking which is a lot easier) and a nice way to also do some damage is to aim with your bow and try to aim right at the jewel on her head or her stomach if u can hit that it does major damage much more than u can hit with your sword so this is all the advice i can give for now I hope this greatly helps

  • Xbox | Submitted by The White Shadow

    Beating the Fourth Boss

    First you want to have at least 3 devil elixirs. You must have The Art of The Inferno. (buy at shop) When you get to the 3 dragons get very close to one of the dragons and hit Y+B at the same time. This will inflict damage on the dragon while the fire touches the dragon and then when Ryu shoots it with the fireball. Do this twice and then beat the third dragon with some mad hacking skills. When the Fiend appears back away and wait until after the sweeping motion. Then run and use the jump slash attack on the tentacle. Do this as much as possible until you get hit. When you cut off the first tentacle don't wait to cut the other one off. (You must hurry) You must get both tentacles cut off before the other one grows back. When this is done the fiend will be stunned. Shoot it with as much arrows as possible. It is more effective to shoot a fire ball at it when it is stunned. Next it will spit fireballs out of the it's top. Dodge the fireballs and repeat the slash and shoot method.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jak

    Beating the First Boss

    On the "Ninja Fortress" level-(the first one) Go along on your merry little way until a Movie shows with a guy named Murai, who wields Nunchakus. He'll show off to you in the cut scene by doing some fancy tricks. He looks hard but you only have to take half of his HP! Once the battle starts hold L to block the blows. Guide him to a wall, then jump on the wall and jump off and press Y while in the air. you should bounce off the wall and slice into Murai. The second you touch the ground jump back on the wall and repeat until you beat him. (Note:He may be a lot more muscular than you, but he's significantly slower than you, so don't worry about him hitting you while you're jumping back on the wall)

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Pass Some FMVs

    To skip past some of the movies press Start, A, Start

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Super Attack

    The special attack is done by pressing B + Y

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jak

    The Izuna Drop

    The Izuna Drop is all about timing. Press X once you find a gap in the enemy's attack, and shortly after press Y to launch them into the air. after this press X three times-(you'll hear the slashes-1-2-3)then on the 3rd slash press Y to grab the unlucky soul to pile drive him into the ground in a raging twister! (make sure not to press X four times while he's in the air-you'll perform a different move if you do. they're both effective but the Izuna drop is a bit more effective and A LOT cooler looking! Although the Izuna drop WONT work on bosses! but pressing X four times will!)

  • Xbox | Submitted by Unlabored Flawleesness

    Dark Dragon Blade

    Beat the game once then u play the game again up 2 chapter 13.Its on the second floor in the Muramasas shop. The dark dragon is pretty slow and it doesn't have lots of techniques.

  • Xbox | Submitted by chump

    How to Kill the Guys on Horses

    In the second chapter after you go along a bit you will have to fight 2 guys on horses by then you will have a bow and to kill the guys on horses just shoot them in the butt with a bow.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Napster

    Defeating Ch. 5 Boss

    Before you face the ch.5 boss charge up all ninpo attacks then let them all out on him. some times it wont hurt him as much as the first time that much, but make sure every time you attack him you see if he has his tentacles out. after you use up all your ninpo run and jump forward at him and press (y) this will take off a lot of his health keep on repeating third attack until he dies
    NOTE: when you cut off his tentacles some times there will be blue or red orbs.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Silent Baller

    Beating the Chapter 10 "Worm boss"

    The worm boss is a bit tricky, but once you learn his techniques he's quite simple. On this boss you MUST use the wall to your advantage! When he shoots a plasma ball at you just run straight up the wall and do a backflip and he'll never hit you. When he is about to sweep you just run up the wall and do a backflip again and this time in mid-air press Y to do a downward attack. This will hurt him a lot if you use the War-Hammer. Just keep repeating the backflip off the wall and the downward attack and you shouldn't have a problem.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Zakarama

    Beating the Beast Guard Boss (Chapter 15 boss)

    Equip the "Unlabored Flawlessness" if you have it. After he regenerates the Cyclops (fiends that has blue fire on there heads,) kill two of them or keep killing them until he shoots fire balls at you. Don't get the essens yet. When he spins in the air after he shoots fire balls, move away, then hold y then release it after you absorb the essens. If done right, you should hit him with a strong blow

  • Xbox | Submitted by Marklar234

    Fighting Dark Spider Ninjas

    When fighting these ninjas, it works best when you block and use a counter attack. The Y button one works best in my opinion. You may still be hit however but not usually.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to Beat Skeleton Dragon Boss

    Ok im going to give some help to the new guys so u don't have as much trouble as I did on this annoying boss...ok the dragon is pretty easy if u have a lot of potions and things to charge ur ki back up if u do this match will be more than a snitch... for those of u that had trouble with the zombies on the way (like i did) then take my advice.. farther up there are bats kill the bats with shurikens and u will get health go farther then u will see a place to put the holy grail then he awakens... ok things to watch out for.. when he sticks his head back with hsi mouth open GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! he will do a lot of damage to u and u will not b able to recover it.. watch out for the tail combo too when he swings his tail at you just jump over it and if u are to close to his feet or hands he will stomp and swipe with them so be very careful this is all the advice I can give for now.. hope this helps

  • Xbox | Submitted by ryu hayabusa

    Zombie Strategy

    When fighting zombies the easiest thing to do is jump towards the zombie and press Y, this will usually cut their head off if not, try it again (only works with Vigoorian Flail and Level 2 Dragon Sword) without the head the zombie can't see you, therefore, you have a much greater chance of not getting hit, plus, it can't do that vicious biting grapple move.

  • Xbox | Submitted by ernesto

    Get Explosive Shurikens

    In chapter 6 the monastery when you enter there will be some stairs go through the stairs and look for a door and there will be some enemies defeat them and a gate will open go up and there should be some desks with glass break them and there should be the explosive shurikens

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kevin I. 'Shinobi to Kage'

    Mysterious Cracks In The Walls

    If you've played enough you've probably ran into a wall with mysterious looking cracks in the wall. If you've obtained Incendiary Shuriken or the War Hammer you can break these cracks in the wall to reveal a new area of the level. Some levels have you go through them before you can actually reach what's on the other side, but don't worry because later on you will be able to go back if you play through the game.